Yeah, you wouldn't say that if you met him. He's demon spawn.

For instance, you may see him in one of our vehicles in a parking lot, and think... "Aww, how cute." ...and then walk towards the window, only to witness him throw himself against the glass with his teeth bared and growling and barking and not stopping until you leave. If you were to stick your hand int he crack of the window, you would most likely have severaly gouged fingers if not lose one or two. JRT's are made for hunting underground rodents and such, and have really powerful jaws that they used for digging, but also that lock closed like a few other breeds.

However, if you were to visit the house, and we held him back while you totally ignored him, we gave you a treat, and you then gave the treat to him, and if you aren't afraid of dogs and he knows it, then he'll be good and love you, but you still wouldn't want to take any chances i.e. no bothering him while eating, no sneaking up on him, keep your face away from him, etc.

I am mostly immune to this though. He has nipped me twice when I've bothered him while he's been sleeping on me, but otherwise, I do what I want. And if he does do something bad, he's been known to wet himself and the carpet when I make it known I'm angry with him (nothing physical, JRT's are basically impossible to discipline in any physical way). :P