I find things like this annoying...

My mom gets home from work and immediately starts in one me...

"Why didn't you take care of this box?"
"What box?"
"The box I asked you to take care of."
"What box???"
"The box of decorations."
"You never asked me to take care of any box of decorations."
"Yes, I did. This morning."
"I was asleep this morning..."
"You responded so I thought you heard me."

For anyone that knows anything about me, I'm a very deep sleeper. *VERY* being the key here. Even if I respond to something, it's well known I'm probably not awake still. I can get up, wander around my room turning off numerous alarm clocks and climb back to bed allw ithout waking up my conscious self, so that I don't even remember doing it. So my mom telling me things like that when I'm asleep is pure folly and she knows better. What further annoyed me was that she probably came up here to tell me that, and if she was coming up here anyway, why didn't she just bring the box up? It's not as if it was heavy or anything... just a mostly empty box since all the decorations are on the tree. Bleh.

In other news...

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A Different Color?

i'm the same way when i sleep. my mom will tell me a bunch of things i'm suposed to do and then leave... did it happen or did i dream it, or is she just telling me that she was talking to me in the morning because she wanted to tell me, but didn't. who knows, but the point is clear, don't talk to me when in the wee hours of the day...anything said or done by me happens subconsciously

Wow... Keith reading and commenting on LJ's... I don't think this has ever happened before. :D

I have the same problem, but mine is with my wife... At least you Mom doesn't (at least I hope she couldn't) "cut you off" for a month because of it... ;)