Rick (medlir) wrote,


Got some decent new headphones and a few other things, headphones are Philips HP550's as seen at the very bottom of this page. hehe, I have the HE345 Ear Buds too.

I love Philips products.

I have my eXpanium 212 portable MP3-CD Player, my webcam is a PCA645VC and is old but works great, my 24x12x40 burner is the PCRW2412, my old CD Player was an AZ7433 but was made in November of 1997 and doesn't seem to be on their site any more... mine's silver though, plays CD-R's just fine, and still works great despite numerous 30mph spills onto asphalt while biking through town.

Actually, my cam has taken several hard spills to the floor at numerous times also. :P All in all, I've never had any of them die yet, I am pleased. :D

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