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I also got chocolate covered cherries, a DVD, and a book from my Grandma Jeanie. My Grandma in Florida sent us all $20 Wal-Mart Gift Cards. Dinner was awesome last night. Left around 8:30 though I think, came home, goofed off. Left to go to the movie. Got there only to find out sis her bf cancelled and weren't coming, and that we could have seen it Friday night after all. Bleh. Annoyed me. Beth, her friend Ben, and I all went and saw it though. Got home at 3:30, goofed off some more, talked on AIM for a while (okay, so I rambled for a *long* while. :P), worked on a few things. Eventually... sometime after 7AM, I laid down and put in a DVD and fell asleep. Woke up at 3:34PM... bleh, missed the computer show at the Holiday Inn South... ARGH! Wandered around the house a bit, ate a chicken sandwich, then put a macaroni and cheese Michelina's dinner in the microwave, and now that I'm mentioning it, I realize I never took it out or ate it, and as far as I know, it's still in there... oops. Goofed off some more. Played a game of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors with bro. We kicked the two computer players asses as always. I mostly just built up a huge walled behemoth of a city including 23 castles, keeping everyone out of my cordoned off section of the map. :P Bro mainly wiped out the two computer players... I basically only killed the ones that threw themselves against my massive defenses. :D I only lost 11 guys, and most were people I killed off myself. :D My society stats were huge as always. :D Downloaded the newest beta of SpamPal and installed it on the ICS machine. Nicole, Russell and Beth got here. Had a big dinner at the dining room table with everyone... ham, yams, stuffing, fruit salad, grands buttered biscuits, and it seems like some other stuff. Yummy dinner, although seven people at the dining room table is pushing it. Then discussed the trip with everyone.

I guess we're leaving around 6AM on the 27th, driving down, probably staying overnight somewhere in Atlanta, then driving the rest of the way down to my Grandma's on the 28th. Spending the night there that night (she lives right on the Gulf), and then driving down to Port Charlotte and dumping off bro. Then, possibly back up to Grandma's for the rest of the day for a ride on their boat out int he Gulf. After that, we're free to do as we please. Not sure if we want to go to one of the Disneyworld parks for a day, or where we want to bomb around. We need to find something to do for New Year's Eve, and somewhere to stay for a few days. Sometime around the 3rd, we need to head back up to Atlanta, and visit Russell and Beth's sister on her horse farm. And then eventually we'll drive back up here to arrive home on the 5th. There's a vast gap of vague planning in the middle there though. :D Mom and dad are footing $500 I guess, and we're all taking money too. Should be interesting. Beth and Russell are going to drop their stuff off here Thursday and then spend the night THursday night so we can get an early start Friday morning.

I'm told mom and dad are going to Cancun sometime in January too for a few days.

But after we laid down these preliminary plans, Beth had brought her laptop, a Gateway Solo 2150, and wanted me to work on it. It'd been reformatted, but no one installed allt he drivers from Gateway to the screen was stuck at 640x480x16 colors. :P So I worked on updating that, downloaded the ATI Rage Mobility drivers from gatewya and got the screen looking nice, and some other updates. Tons to do still though. While I was doing that, mom and dad et al bought Sorority Boys on DISH Network again, so I half-watched it up here while they watched it down there. Mmmm, Melissa Sagemiller. Hey Kira, how's it coming along getting her as a Christmas present for me? :D After the movie, Beth came up here and ransacked my books while I finished some stuff on her laptop. Then they just all took off a bit ago.

Researched a few things for places to stay and New Year's Eve places to go earlier too.

And now I'm writing this until I discover something else to do.

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