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Bought My Neighbor Totoro on DVD yesterday. :D Nate and I went shopping in the afternoon. Got home, goofed off, played AoE2 with sis and bro... here are the achievements screenshots. I don't emember what else we did. I fell asleep watching My Neighbor Totoro. I think ever since the first time I watched it at Liz's, I've been cursed to fall asleep during it. :D

Today I got up around noon I think. Wandered around. Was sent out to the woodpile to bring wood up for the fireplace. Wrapped and mailed a present I got for Kira. :P Then sis and I went shopping. I bought a bigger fish bowl, and some plants for my fish so he'll be happier while I'm gone at the end of the week. Bought some SNickers bars, Lava Soap, Astringent, Listerine Pocket Pack things, a mini screw-driver set, batteries, another gift for mom and dad, and some other stuff.

Came home, goofed off some more. Ate a ton of munchies... jalopeno poppers, mini chicken nuggets, dorito like pizza roll triangles, regular pizza rolls, mini egg rolls, garlic mozzerella cheese sticks, pototo skins with cheese and bacon bits, a big bowl of fresh shrimp on ice, etc. Ate munchies. Our neighbors came by to visit, and we talked to them for a while. Then we allw atched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation which is basically a tradition now. :P

I came up here after that while Dad, Mom, Nicole, and Russell watched Lilo and Stitch I think. Then we all got to open one present. Sis got a sweater and slacks, Russell got a dress shirt, Dad got a large blue santa figurine, mom got some clothes, Nate opened Bubble Bobble for NES that I got him.

I got three CD's... Tenacious D, Incubus - Morning View, and Dashboard Confessional - The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most. :)

Bro and I played Bubble Bobble until 3AM... beat all the levels straight 1-100, then re-did 99 and got the crystal ball and did the extra A[0-9] and B levels... then beat the boss again, except bro died. I noticed it was 3AM though, so we'll have to settle for the two bad endings so far, and finish it with both of us alive and get the good ending tomorrow. :P

I still need to wrap several things... I better get to work.

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