Rick (medlir) wrote,


Edited my recent events style for my LiveJournal. It's not complete of course, I'm not sure I like how I have the Date/Day set up, but other than that I'm fairly pleased. One step close to anti-normal integration. Maybe I'll find time for that tonight... if i don't play FF8. :P Thank you again Ashley! :) I don't think I mentioned it so i will now, Ashley mailed me FF8 from Texas earlier this week because it was on sale down there and I couldn't find it here. I'm happy. :) In exchange, when the next Wheel of Time book comes out in November, I'm going to buy us both a copy and I'll mail that to her. :) And if anyone wants to buy me the Leather Bound Limited Edition feel free. ;) Next up... color changes? Maybe. Hmm.
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