Rick (medlir) wrote,

The post of many links.

I've got a ton of random links I'd like to pass on. First we have a cannibal in Texas last week. Also, we have the addition of a new character to LotR:RofK which has fans outraged! Then we have the Odyssey 1000 which looks an awful lot like an iPod. For lovers of Celtic music, I submit Bran... sadly, the other day I used this address to get to their site but it no longer works, and the english content pages they had there just 3 days ago are all completely gone. There was an English button in the top frame, english/articles.html, english/albums.html and more existed as they're still in my history... but they deleted them all. What's up with that? Someone needs to buy me this or even this so I can save money by not buying lattes at B&N all the time. We also have a WiFi Sniffer for finding WiFi networks without a laptop and such. GeekCulture is a fun site. THey offer beanies and the forums are pretty cool. Comics also!

On the subject of men's undergarments. I wear both. Usually boxers, but I can't see how anyone who does any kind of day-long hard physical labor can stand to wear boxers, or while mountain biking... you're asking for some serious chaffing. Particularly when doing my money-collection job... climbing in and out of my vehicle all day, carrying the toolbox full of heavy quarters, weating while doing so... it just doesn't work, you'd literally kill yourself wearing boxers whereas briefs give you the support you need (or I need)! So I proudly announce, I wear both boxers and briefs depending on the donditions and environment! They both serve their own seperate purposes and their both perfectly suited for those purposes! And fooey on boxer-briefs, they're the bastard mutant children that try to cover both purposes, but don't offer the comfort or support of the others seperately! Fooey!

Now back to my previous writing. For x-mas I got the book "Tales of the Otori" by Lian Hearn (pseudonym) which turned out to be excellent! I finished it in a few days and loved it. Now I have to wait for the next book int he series to come out.. In the meantime, I discovered the website and joined the forums there. Neat site and forums there also. Not very active though.

Recently, I also came upon the iToilet, and on the other side of the fence (I think... if helping evil is good... :P) is a Dr. Evil Apple Ad. :P On another LotR tangent, Tomax pointed out The Noble Collection out to me last week, the people who make the official Sting replicas among other things... lots of other neat things. Someone buy me their entire catalog! :P

I've been playing NeoPets somewhat frequently of late. Whee!

And finally, I feel like having an omelette for breakfast/lunch, so I think I will head down intot he kitchen now. :)

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