I've noticed I've been really sensitive to light lately. To the point where almost every car behind me on the road at night seems to have their brights on. Granted, maybe I've just been really unlucky lately and have been stuck behind idiots... or maybe just more people are idiots... but chances are it's me... and I'm not sure why. I cut my contact list down more. I only have fourteen people on my combined AIM/ICQ/MSN/YIM list. Earlier tonight I got the impression that I was fighting something. My fish seems much happier in his big gallon bowl with fake plants and such. He hides in the fake plants coming off the side of the rock archway thingy, or sometimes sits in the hole that's through the rock archway thing. He just about beaches himself on the plants where they come out of the water and lets me pet him. :D He's still a pig and eats lots of food... I was forced to buy TetraMin Tropical Granules because he wouldn't eat the flakes still. Of course, the 1.2oz container for $1.97 holds enough granules to feed him for at least 6 months or maybe a year so it's really not a big deal. :D I bought it a while ago, and have spilled lots, and it's still not below the level of the screw threads even. :P More random text goes here. If he comes to the side of the bowl facing me, I point at him and he swims away... and then comes back. :P Downloaded a few songs earlier. Played on neopets. Spent most of the evening from about 4:45 to 9PM at B&N. THis afternoon I ended up making french toast and scrambled eggs with cheese plus toast instead of an omelette... just easier. Ran keys over to Andy's as a favor to Dad. My car is getting increasingly worse... it stalls at stoplights, and when I start it back up and put it back in a drive gear, it stalls again... unless I'm very careful about how much gas I give it as I throw it into gear. My poor car. It mostly is going to die before I have the money to have it fixed. :P And I'm really not sure why I'm still up, other than because despite being tired, I don't feel like I can sleep. Not sure why. I guess I'll go read for a bit though instead of sitting here rambling. Closing random text here.

Check the timing on your car.

I had the same problem once, the car was practically useless. Step on the gas...phuagh. I reached in and loosened the bolt that holds down the distributor, twisted the distributor until the car seemed to idle smoothly, and tightened down the bolt again. The car ran twice as good as it ever had! Of course I borrowed a timing light later, and adjusted it to the exact setting.

Either that, or dirty spark plugs or a worn rotor. Or something more seriously wrong with the timing.

Hey sweeties,

LOL, now that I'm single maybe I'll get to come and see you at B and N more often. I have had play rehearsals a lot lately, but I seriously do miss you.

Love you lots,


I'm replying to this even though it's old. I obviously haven't been to B&N lately since I'm broke, but as soon as I get a new job and cash flow... :D