Mom bought me new tea today. Lipton Peach, and Bigelow Cinnamon. I had the peach earlier, was yum. Just watched Hackers for the fun of it. Took off all my necklaces and watch the other day and have been going without the last few days. I fell asleep on my floor a bit ago. Woke up when mom came up to tell me goodnight and she wondered why I was on the floor and if I was all right. heh.

mmmm....peach tea.

i think i've taken off the necklaces i bought with you maybe 3 times....i'm superstitious about them now - i don't plan on removing them for a long while :)

Peach tea is yummy. My mommy is nice to me and buys me good teas. :D

About a day or two after I made that post, I ended up putting my rune one from the festival back on, and it's been the only one I've had one since I made that post. Not sure why, I don't have any conscious reason for not wearing the others, just felt like it.

your mummy's very good to you indeed :)

As I said about the necklaces, I've gotten very superstitious since I "bought" them (okay, I didn't buy them - but I was gonna!! The guy simply neglected to collect payment!). I mean, nothing but good has happened since getting them, so I'm not taking any chances on my luck! :)