We may be moving for the 4th time in my life. To a house closer to my grandparents that costs less. We've lived here in this house that we built for something like 11-12 years now. It's hard to imagine leaving it. Mom and dad want to cut things back though, so dad can leave his job. And we pay like half as much for our cottages up north monthly than we do here. I guess they liked one of the places they looked at today. Closer to work for both of them, just around the corner from my grandparents, ability to rent it for six months first while we sell ours. They need to find out some more info about it first though I guess. Bleh on packing and moving. We could stay here however... if sis and I both paid $400/month rent... which wouldn't cover the monthly payment, but would knock down what mom and dad were paying by the $800 a month that they want to cut back. Somehow I don't see either sis or I being able to pay that anytime soon. In the spring she'll graduate, but then will be doing unpaid student teaching I guess plus whatever part-time job she can manage. Bleh on jobs, money, and the real world in general.

awwh :o\

I will be moving for my first time probably this year...not very far, probably only 20-30 minutes away or so, but it will be moving out of my parent's and in with jason, hopefully, so maybe i won't die!!!

Aww. :|

We've moved several times. From our house in Eaton Rapids to Dimondale, Dimondale to a rental house in Olivet, fromt he Rental house to our house when we built it. I've switched schools more times than I've moved though. It was bleh.

Good luck with your move! :D

*hugs* :)