Rick (medlir) wrote,


So we're all forced to get up at 9:15 this morning so we can go see this house at 10:15 because "You might be living here soon, you need to see it." So we do. Then we go out to breakfast, and then come home. They go back out in the afternoon looking at places. They talk all afternoon and evening. At one point I go downstairs and they're naming things as in "This can go. This can stay." And they say the toaster can stay, and I'm like... "We just bought that toaster, why would we leave it here?" And mom really slowly says "I said it can stay..." like I'm stupid or something, which now I probably am looking at her stupidly... apparently they were no longer talking about moving, they were talking about things they wanted to get rid of and things they wanted to keep since we're now apparently staying here... how was I supposed to know? Now apparently they're talking about how we'll be here for another 2-3 years at least and about how much work they want to do here before we sell it. Okay... sure. So why did we have to get up this morning and go look at a house? So I guess now we're not moving... or maybe we are... or maybe we're not... or... maybe we have no freaking idea because they haven't made up their own minds. Argh.

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