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My typo ability is getting more impressive the later it gets.

Earlier tonight instead of typing "l in log", I typed "l in cor"... this being on a MUD, I was trying to look in a log for fur from a raccoon, and instead I did "cor" which is short for corpse usually... so that wasn't far off, I type "l in cor" a lot more than I do log, so it was just habit.

Then later, while levelling lowbies with three other people, I typed "gith" in a sentence instead of "fight". I be cixelsyd! At least I had most of the letters right, if not the order.

And now the most recent and worst so far. I was talking to some guild members about an earring called a "sliver of glass". To get one, you have to go through a maze, and then of the eight directions (n ne e se s sw w nw) inside this temple, you can break four mirrors in four of the directions. Some of the mirrors kill you instantly when broken, others transport you all over the world, and who knows what else. When I tried to get a sliver of glass a few months ago, I broke 4 but didn't get a sliver from any of them, and once you don't get it, you never can after that. So Amberlyn is trying for one just now, which led to this tidbit...

You guildtalk 'No sliver for me. :|'
Laguana floats in from the south.
Laguana comforts you.
Laguana floats south.
Amberlyn guildtalks 'im sorry'
Amberlyn appears in the room.
Amberlyn hugs you.
Amberlyn flies down.
You guildtalk 'I should have bigged better dirs. :D'
You guildtalk 'er... picked'
Laguana guildtalks 'bigged, lol'

... how I managed to type "bigged" instead of "picked" is beyond me. :P It's probably early-20's mental capacity disintegration syndrome. And while type that last sentence, I typed "early-teen"... hah, I haven't been an early-teen in a decade. I think I'll run away and hide while I still can.

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