Rick (medlir) wrote,


A few things...

Made a random password generator in VB5 the other night, it's right here if anyone wants to look at it. No, it doesn't just use random numbers from VB... it uses a combination of random numbers to generate a random seed, to generate another stream of random numbers, plus a special key and initialization vector and run through Blowfish, and then base64'd. I'm fairly pleased with it. The one I had been using never generated anything with odd numbers or certain letters in it. Although since it goes through a base64 conversion, the only symbols, should they choose to be included, are + and /... I may change that. I'm also going to make it save settings to the registry so it remembers them and such a la my countdown program.

Right now working on a clone of Counterpane Labs PasswordSafe program. I had heavily modified their 1.9.0 Beta version off sourceforge to suit me... now I figure I'll make my own and then I can incorporate my pgen too. When I was looking for the source yesterday for theirs, I found a copy of VB6 Enterprise on my storage partition... *cheer* I can't find my Visual Studio 6 CD's and it's been pissing me off for months now, but at least I have this now. Downloaded SP5 last night and installed it today, and grabbed my MSDN Subscriptions Library CD's and installed that a bit ago. Mmm, all set.

Last week too in VB5 I started rewriting the Realms of Despair Equipment Database to take into account post-shattering changes. Kind of put that on hold though.

Recently, the author of WinSCP has made a flurry of updated and new versions... version 2.2 is longer beta! And he's made a ton of changes I wanted to see... like being able to send custom commands straight through to the shell. :) Mmm, WinSCP.

Also, Project Dolphin may be dead, but Project Orca has stepped up to take it's place! Whoohoo! It's been running since just days after ProjDol shut down (about 3 weeks ago) and has almost 4K users already, I just noticed it today though. :)

I wish Scott and Kevin would release the next version of Trillian Pro soon. :|

In other MUD news, I hit a deathtrap the other night and lost everything. :| Luckily, I had 142M gold to start buying new eq, but some of the items I had were 3-4 years old and not replaceable. I was sad. It's a curse... anytime I get a brand-spanking new Breastplate of the Ravager... I hit a DT about a week later... it's happened twice now. Bleh! I don't think anyone who reads this plays RoD, but just in case, I made an account rodmud as a community. :P Maybe I'll have to bring people from there here to LJ. :P

Hmm, back to golding, coding, etc.

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