Well, my last rabbit was interred in the animal graveyard behind our little barn. Sadly, I couldn't find a suitible box so a nice white burlap bag became a makeshift shroud of sorts. I picked out a few nice rocks to mark the location. It's kinda scary walking around behind the little barn because of the graves. :P Rabbits and small rodents just don't live long enough.

After all that, I mowed most of the yard... all the back yard and both side yards. That wasn't too bad, it was a nice day out today, and is still a fairly warm evening.

Need to clean up my room, but want to MUD,and work on my page too. Hmm. Oh yeah, and there's homework to do too of course. Blah.

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I can think of worse things to happen to little rabbits.... or I think I should say little stuffed rabbits.....

Who are you, and what could be worse than dying?

I know what could be worse. Dying like my first rabbit could be worse. His cage was pulled off a table in our back yard by some hungry animal. Dragged into our side yard, and had his legs eaten off through the wires of the cage and then left there for who knows how long until we got home that evening at which time he was still alive but in shock and so was taken the vet to be put to sleep.

Yep, that would definately be worse.