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Got up late as usual. Even two alarms aren't cutting it lately. Watched Dragonball Z. Went to B&N around 6:30 after I fed the horses, cats, dog, etc. Talked to a ton of people there: Nicole, Bob, Andy, Rose, Michelle, etc. Talked about taxes. On my way there I had stopped to get money out of the ATM and found my federal tax return was deposited... 9 days from filing to bank... whoo. I finished reading "Pillars of Creation" by Terry Goodkind, the latest book in his Sword of Truth series. As many had said, it was a giant tangent from the main storyline, but I thought it was good anyway. Better to intro new characters into the main storyline in an epic manner than to just suddenly bring them in in one odd paragraph. The background, life trials, etc give insight into the character and catches her up to everyone else in terms of info about her. I'm kind of sad I don't have any other decent fantasy novels to read now. After I finished that, I went over to Fazoli's and had baked chicken parmasean, and parmasean ranch chicken panini. Yummy. Went back to B&N and read some more. I think I left around 10:20PM. Got here, goofed off on-line. Listened to Betterman on TechTV's Anime Unleashed. Went to bed really late.

Slept most of today. Parents got home this afternoon. They had been chaperoning at bro's Mini Band Camp that our HS band was at Friday/Sat. Just heated up 5 corndogs for dinner... classy. :P And now goofing off some more debating what I want to do this evening. I'm kind of short of interesting coding projects right now. Maybe I'll convert my journal back to XHTML now that LJ has a movement going to make it's own pages XHTML compliant. I need music.


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