Rick (medlir) wrote,

More car news.

Took it over to my uncle Steve's tonight, he listened to it, and got the diagnotic codes from it using his little key thing, and it said the crankshaft sensor or something, and the timing belt, which may be a chain actually. I left it over there. He said we'll tear it apart next week or so. Supposedly to get to it in the Olds Achievas, you have to pull the entire engine. He was looking at it though, and he's not so sure. Either way, we'll go over there and work on it with him later. Definately better than $700+ to take it to a shop. Bleh.

Earlier this afternoon I went to my grandparents and rescued some plants. I got a rubber tree, yucca plant, some ivy vines, and more to add to my jungle here in my room. Poor rubber tree is like over two feet tall but growing out of a little basket that doesn't even hold a gallon of dirt. :P Yucca plant is the largest of the ones I got. I'll probably re-pot them tomorrow, I need to buy new pots though for them. Ivy and another plant are in the same pot as the Yucca currently. Rubber tree and another yucca I think are together in the tiny basket. They need growing space!

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