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Random update.

This is a weird article. What's even stranger, and dad and I talked about it, how does a guy who only has $800 to invest get 126 companies to give him insider info? And how does he get a payoff from them all, shouldn't statistically, even if he did have insider info, at least one of them be false info, bad info, not turn out as expected, etc? Weird.

Friday I was sitting here doing nothing much. Wes came over and brought back my Ah! My Goddess Movie DVD, .hack///SIGN Ep. 1, and Berserk Ep. 24-25. I borrowed his Ep. 1 DVD's of RahXephon, Noir, and Chance Pop Session. Parents and bro went up north. Noticed it was 8:40PM already and I hadn't eaten all day. Parents had gone to Applebee's the night before and were getting pizza tonight and here I was starving at home, alone... so I said screw it, and went to the Chinese buffet in Charlotte by myself. There was another couple there when I got there around 9:20. Around 9:30 they left and all the employees (All Chinese, we think they're all relatives...) all came out, and helped themselves to the buffet for their own dinner... so it was me, and all them, and no one else. :P I think I got done eating around 9:45 or so, drove into Lansing, went to B&N, got my Venti Decaf Toffee Nut Latte and read my book for a while. Said hi to Steve, Bob, Joe, etc. Closing time came at 11 and I came back here. I goofed off for a while. Around 1:30AM, Brett messaged me, and I looked for Starcraft CD and such. Played a battle.net game of Starcraft from 230 until just after 4AM. Then I decided to try something, and found out Diablo 2 runs on here... my poor 200MHz Pentium Pro without MMX can run D2... I was so happy. I played a new char until I had killed Blood Raven. Then sleep.

Slept until late afternoon as per usual. Went into Charlotte to the Family Dollar and Wal-Mart... bought three big green 16" pots, and another green 12" pot, and three 30lb bags of potting soul. Then I came back here, and repotted all the plants here in my room. The fig tree, rubber plant, yucca, little ivy vines, pygmy date palm, and 3 others I don't know what they are. Used 2.5 bags of the potting soil, i.e. 5 cubic feet. The old dirt only filled a single bag. My plants are much happier with their increased room to grow. I think most of them will outgrow the room before they outgrow the pots. Fig tree, yucca, and palm got the large pots, rubber plant got the next largest. I then changed my fish's water so he'd be happier also. I was hungry so I made crepes for myself for my Saturday sustenance. Yummy. Goofed off after that, it was pretty late by then. At 1AM Realms of Despair was supposed to go completely pkill for an hour, but when they finally started it at 1:40AM, the sheer numbers of people found a bug they didn't see in testing with small numbers, by the time they fixed it and started it again it was 2:50AM. So then we all got to pk everyone for an hour, first time they'd done it. I got killing blows on two people, which was fun. :P

You really shouldn't do this to another player...
You reach out and place a hand on Ardeth, spreading a burning toxin through her body.
Your wasp talon mauls Ardeth!
Ardeth is DEAD!!
You gain 1 honour for triumph in combat.
Ardeth screams furiously as she falls to the ground in a heap!

Lorthar's claw misses Gargamel.
Lorthar's slice gashes Gargamel!
Ternon's slash lacerates Gargamel!
Jauxer's slash gashes Gargamel!
Jauxer's slash hacks Gargamel!
Jauxer's slash lacerates Gargamel!
Geanma's pierce rends Gargamel!
Your claw lacerates Gargamel!
Your slice lacerates Gargamel!
Your claw lacerates Gargamel!
Gargamel is DEAD!!
You gain 1 honour for triumph in combat.
Gargamel hits the ground ... DEAD.
Ternon seems to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".

I avenged the smurfs! :D After that, I played with Diablo 2 some more. Couldn't get bnet to work though which annoyed me. Gave up eventually so I could go to bed. Read my book for a few hours. Sleep.

Woke up late afternoon of course on Sunday. Not sure what I did most of Sunday. Used up the rest of the crepe batter to make myself Sunday sustenance. Cleaned up the house. Parents got home just before 6PM. SHowed off my plants to mom. Not sure what else I did. Tried to do a Survivor quest on Realms, but was 20 minutes too slow for the 9PM deadline. Oops, there went my chance of winning 200 million gold worth of equipment. Bleh. SHould have started it earlier in the week. Sorted a ton of files on my install files dump partition. Probably did some other things I'm forgetting right now. Around 1:30AM Brett and I decided to play a game of D2, actually started it at 2AM, played until 3:45AM or so I think. Then USEast died. So I went to bed. Read for a long time like usual. Fell asleep around dawn.

Woke up several times throughout the day. But finally got up at 3PM or so. Got mys tuff around, found the cat carrier, cleaned it up. Watched Ep. 1 of RahXephon. Found Clyde, after several clawings, got him in the carrier, and took off for the vet at 4PM. He meowed the entire way like he was dieing. Then he didn't want to come out once we got there. :P We had to take it apart to get him out. Then he'd go back in whenever he got the chance. He's 4 years, 7 months old, and weighs 13.5lbs! He's gained 2 lbs since he was there last, which has been a while. They gave him his kitty shots, and away we went again. He was happy to get back home. Watched the rest of RahXephon. Dad and mom got home. Watched DBZ. Had Crab Salad for dinner. Played D2 some more. Had my Symposium meeting on Realms at 8:30PM. And goofed off some more.


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