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Some things from over the past... while...

I don't remember if I ever posted these, but way back on March 6th I took some pictures of my computer(s) and related stuff to show some people on the MUD I play. They ended up here.

March 15th, Keith, Wes, and I went to Animania for the evening. Was fun. Mmm, pizza at The Backroom Pizzaria. I think I posted about that before though.

Later in March, possibly around the 26th, I saw Sam at B&N and I took pictures of her while we sat in the music dept goofing off. :P The two I uploaded are here.

On April 4th, our high school band were invited to Western Michigan University to play for their Spring Concert event for this year. The David Holsinger All-Star band made up of first chairs from tons of schools ont he west side of the state player early int he morning. I met up with the band at the school at about 8:45AM, and ride the bus to WMU. We got there around 10:15AM, got fruit, muffins, juice, and water to eat. Wandered the big auditorium. They warmed up around 11:15 if I remember right. I think we played from noon to 1PM. Had a flutist that plays with the Lansing and Jacksopn Symphony Orchestras play with us for one of the songs too. Was really cool. Pictures of our band are here. Then we went to lunch at an Irish Pub place down the road. I couldn't sit with people I wanted to because the students had pre-ordered and I had to have an actual waitress. :P Had iced tea and fried chicken salad. Sat with my friend Wes' dad and talked to him. My parents had left already to go up north for the weekend after our band had played. Then back to WMU to watch Troy's band play. Then I think WMU's band played. And finally, the All-Star band again. By this time it was 9:45PM. The students had been int heir tux's and dresses all day. Bus ride back to Olivet, and then home! THey had pizza for them at the band room back home, Wes came over to our house and brought an entire pizza, I stole some. :D

April 12th was the next animania screening, but missed it. No one else was free to go and I didn't feel like going by myself. Besides, I was deeply into gaming mode playing the new Zelda on bro's GameCube which he had loaned me. I think that was the first weekend I started playing. I beat it the next weekend. Only missing like 9 heart pieces I think (2.25 hearts), and maybe a few fun things. Was spending a lot of time taking color pictures of things with my Pictograph to make figurines out of everyone. :D Need to get everything, and complete second run-through too. :P

Easter Weekend... went up north with the family to celebrate Easter at the cottages. Had Mom and Dad, Nicole and Russell, Nate and Melissa, and myself. Yum, candy! I saw our pontoon we got last year for the first time. Some pictures I took on the 18th are here... mostly of Buster on the pontoon, two of the main cottage, one of the pontoon. The 19th is here and is just two pictures of the sun/lake late in the day. Then the 20th are here... a picture of the mailboxes at the lake where my great-grandma's old cottage is, when she died it got passed to my Grandma who in turn let my Uncle live there. It got trashed by him though, and then sold, so different people own it now. We spent so much time there when I was little with our cousins and relatives. So on the way back from our cottages up north, I stopped by the old place just to see what had changed.

Then on the 24th, it was warm out and I felt like taking pictures so I took a picture of one of the trees in our front yard in bloom, and a bunch of flowers in my mom's flower garden in front of the bay window. Those are here.

Last week, on the 17th, I came up to Grand Rapids with sis to her apartment. She was supposed to move out and into a new one downtown on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so I came up with our truck to help her move, and to make use of the fast net connection. Except the housing people are dumb, and she didn't get to move. So I spent all week goofing off up here. Downloaded all 106 episodes of Inu Yasha, The Bone Collector, all 26 episodes of RahXephon, Kate and Leopold, and lots of other stuff.

Friday I played in the Ravine on campus. Took some pictures which are here. At 3:30PM, I drove Laura downtown to drop her off with sis, then they took sis' car down to Charlotte. I went back tot he apartment to waste time. At 7:14PM I drove from here in Grand Rapids straight over to our cottages. Got there around 8:45PM, Dad had just gotten there from working farther up north. Midnight or so, everyone else got there... Mom, Nicole, Russell, Nate, Melissa, and Buster all in mom's car. Got up bright and early Saturday morning... like 7:15AM I think... well, brighter and earlier than normal. Helped dad hook up the new trailer him and mom bought last week. Got everyone else up finally after 8AM I think. Then mom and dad and Buster left int he truck pulling the trailer, and I drove mom's car with Russell, Nicole, Nate, and Melissa. Off to Ludington to put together a new deck for my grand-parents. Dad had built it the week before, so it was in four 6'x10' chunks. They have a travel trailer up in Ludington at a campground they've been at since my momw as 16. They go up like every weekend, and their trailer just stays there permanently. So anyway, unloaded the sections which were heavy as hell and dad and I levelled them each. Got people to bolt them together at the seams, and then I screwed down most of the floor boards over the seams. It looks nice. Grandma got KFC for lunch and we all pigged out. She also had pepsi and mountain dew for us which we got to take home the rest of the 12-packs when we left. :P She also paid us kids. Whoohoo, I was temporarily non-broke. :D Then sis and Russell took the truck and drove back down to the house, while the rest of piled into mom's car and went back to the cottages. Mom and dad took naps, I went on a long ride on our quad in the woods. Came back, mom and dad and I went to town to get food. Came back and went down to Dick and Patty's to unload drywall for them. Had to take like 50 sheets from the ground, pass them up to people on a scaffold, and then they had to pass them up over their heads into a slot in the wall on the second floor. Nate and Melissa were on the ground, dad and I on the scaffold, and Dick and Patty upstairs. Was fairly bleh. Had seasoned pork steaks off the grill for dinner... was delicious. Pictures of events in Ludington, and my quad ride are here.

Sunday afternoon, got back home. Goofed off. Cleaned the kitchen. Sis went with Beth and Matt to see X2 at 4:30, bro and Melissa went to see it at 7PM. I only had $5, which would have been enough at our local theater, but I didn't go. Everyone came back eventually. Mom and dad didn't get home until 9:10 or so. They had gone looking at other lakes. Eventually I went upstairs, and fell asleep watching Holy Grail. Slept until 2:19PM Monday, didn't even hear the phone the five times it rang before that morning. Finally mom called a bunch until I did wake up, and I drove back up here to GR to help sis move again. Loaded the entire back of the truck once and sis's car. Got downtown here only to find the parking lot closed... they said it could be used for loading/unloading, but they closed it on the 5th at 7AM... before she could have moved... so it's like, the housing commision delays her so she can't move until after she can't pull up to her apartment to unload... greta job GVSU. SO I pulled up on the regular sidewalk, and drove down the sidewalk until we were at her door... screw it, I wasn't going to park down the street and carry an entire truck load of stuff a full block one box at a time. Then went back to her old apartment, comepletely filled the truck and her car again, and came back here and unloaded. This took between 4:15PM and 9:15PM. Laura's boyfriend Toby was helping too. So here I am at the new apartment playing on the campus network again... whee! More downloading. Not sure if I'll go back tonight or not.

There's probably more to fill int he gaps with, but that's all I have right now.

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