Rick (medlir) wrote,

Matrix 2!

Just got home from seeing it at 10PM... whoohoo! Keith and I went. I was so worried it wouldn't measure up to the first one, but I think it did and more. :) I am pleased. :D

Some observations. Agent Smith near the beginning when the two guys are trying to get the message to Neo about the Oracle. THe one guy gets out, and Agent SMith takes over the other, then goes into the phone too... how? Along with this, Neo's ability to sense matrix events while he's in Zion, etc. And last, but not least, Neo's usage of his powers against the Sentinels at the end... all of these lead me to believe that the people who believe themselves to be free, are really just in a different Matrix where they are allowed to believe it. Otherwise, Neo shouldn't have any power when he's unplugged... he's just a normal guy outside the Matrix. The Architect said the Oracle lady is who helped him realize that people needed a choice, even sub-consciously, to be content or whatever. What if the choice is between being in the 1999 happy Matrix believeing it's real. Or option B, being in a dismal future Matrix believeing you're free of the other Matrix, and thinking that's real. But in reality, neither is free. I assume the "bad guy" who set off the EMP early and was the sole survivor is the guy from earlier that SMith has taken over. It also seems that Smith really hasn't gone Rogue... unless his being Rogue is that he's crossed over fromt he happy Matrix to the dismal one, and by doing so is threatening to reveal to all the supposed "free" people, that they are still in the Matrix... just a different one. I'm not sure how else to explain Neo's powers in what is supposed to be the real world.

The Abundance of Hot Females in Zion. My god... the Zion Orgy scene was great. :P Along with this, the Neo/Trinity romp... I just couldn't help myself... wouldn't the clanking of the plugs annoy them? Get hooked on things maybe, get pressed into someone and hurt, etc. :P I mean, someone even hugging you would press those metal disks into your spine and probably hurt. :P

What else... how about Neo stopping bullets, but not being to do the same with swords... if he can stop one propelled metal object, why not another? Why not just freeze them all in place? If he can stop hundreds of bullets at once, why not 5-10 swords. He uses his powers funny. Rescuing Morpheus and the Keymaker he flies relatively slow. Rescuing Trinity he really flies and lights become a blur. How long until he simply just realizes he can teleport? If a door can become a portal to teleport to different areas, and agents can leap around bodies... how long until he realizes he can just think himself somewhere and be there? I mean, snap fingers, and data stored in memory address A pointing to location X gets shifted to point to location Y... easy. He should have an even easier time with it than most people due to his hacker/programmer background.

Morpheus sword fight on the truck. Why did he even bother trying to thrust/stab? If an agent can dodge a bullet, he can dodge the point of a sword. He was so much better off with swinging it... that way he at least covered an entire dimensional plane rather than just a point. Silly Morpheus.

If Agent Smith can copy himself into other bodies, why can't Neo copy his Matrix representation into them in return? An Army of Neo. Along with that, if the twins can turn immaterial, how long until Neo duplicates it. He should be strong-minded enough by now to realize if other people and things can do it int he Matrix, that he can also. He's already turned into a flying ghost type thing in #1 to blow up Smith, so why not go tiny ghost flying into people more?

When does the necklace from Link's wife actually come into making a difference. He put it on, but has it served any purpose, or is it just background to build the character up?

The weirdo boy needs to do more. He's been introduced, carried some bags, but what purpose will he serve? Did the battered spoon serve any pupose other than a memory tie-in to #1?

Above with the dual-option Matrix idea... is that why Neo is in a coma? The shock of using his power in the supposed "real" world revealing that it's also the Matrix?

Here's one... if an Operator on a hovercraft can locate the closest phone to get them out by, why can't the agents? And if they can, why don't they transport themselves into bodies right near the phones and wait for them there, rather than chase them towards the phones? ALong with that, transferring themselves intot he phones... this supports the "why SMith is a rogue agent now" idea... if they're supposed to stay int he happy Matrix so that the dismal Matrix people believe they're free, that would explain why the normal agents don't ever transfer themselves intot he phone, but why SMith could now. He's disobeying the rule to stay out of that side of it since he's been freed.

I had more, but I'm tired now. :P Maybe tomorrow. Come on #3!

Then went to Wal-Mart, got WHite Castle burgers, came home, Keith left, made my WHite Castles, and here I am! Hooray for first showings of movies before their official release date! :P

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