Rick (medlir) wrote,

What I saw at Animania tonight. :)

This month they played...

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto, which is I guess basically translates to "Things Precious to a Mage", but what was fansubbed as "Someday's Dreamer". Only 12 episodes long total, and they showed the first 3. It started airing in January of 2003. It's in present-day Tokyo, except that there's mages added intot he picture.Everything works like normal, there's just mages everywhere to help people out. I guess anyone can become a mage if they follow the right procedure. The story follows a single girl though, who comes to Tokyo to join the mage school. She becomes a trainee, gets her special mage ring, and uses her magic in an untrained/haphazard way... she makes money before she knows that's against regulations, she uses her magic before she finds out they're only allowed to if they receieve a formal request (people put in requests in paper, and then the administration decides who's requests actually get granted). Basically, she's a loose a cannon. :P It's not overly comical though, fairly serious, but it has it's moments. I was entertained.

Star Ocean Ex... Space federation people are flying to investigate ships disappearing near a planet, they find a weird deathstar-like object that's crashed. In the reckage, Claude messes with a teleporter and gets whisked to a place who knows where/when where he's seen as the Warrior of Light! Phase guns shot to kill monsters appear to be swords of light. :P He quickly assembles a following of fellow adventurers, and heads out to find the Sorcery Globe, a mysterious evil stone/meteor that hit the place and cause animals to turn into monsters and other evil things. Claude denies being the Warrior of Light but is doing it anyway because it seems to be his way back to his ship. I could be wrong, but it seems fairly obvious that the Sorcery Globe is the deathstar ship that he was investigating when the teleporter nabbed him, so he'll probably end up being the Warrior of Light and saving that world simply by fighting his way to it and defeating the monsters so he can use the telporter in it to go back. I think it's pretty cool because Claude does get a sword and uses it. The girl Rena he saves has magical healing powers. And I'm sure his other fellow adventurers will prove to have their own cool skills/abilities. :D Even though the plot seems fairly obvious and child-like in complexity, I want to see more of this... kind of like watching DBZ, only with the martial arts replaced with swords and magic. :D

Get Backers... Midou Ban and Amano Ginji are the Get Backers... if you've lost something or had something stolen, the recovery experts will get it back for you. :P They have a near perfect recovery rate! It might be a toy, or a person, but they'll get it back. Ginji is like a human electric eel... he can generate large quantities of electricity in his body, and Ban has the Evil Eye... by making eye-contact with people, he can force them intos eeing an illusion for a minute. Together they kick ass as they recover objects for their clients. :P Their first client is the very hot Natsumi. Mmm, highschool schoolgirls. :D The Get Backers negotiator woman is also enticing. :D Of the series I saw tonight, this is the one I want to more of most. THe end of episode 3 ended with a cliff-hanger right before a battle started which raised a lot of disappointed grumbling from the crowd. :D

And last but not least, Wolf's Rain... In the distant future, wolves have been extinct for 200 years... or have they? Kiba (Fang), a wolf that's been wandering the world goes into a city searching for the scent of the Lunar Flowers/Flower of the Moon which are supposed to then lead to Paradise. What he smells though is Cheza, the Flower Daughter, who is being kept in suspended animation in a lab. You also meet Hige (Whiskers), Tsume (Claw), and Toboe (?). Also a weird old vodka-loving man who is hunting the wolves because he knows they're still around even if no one else believes it. Apparently, they were all killed off on purpose. But before any of the wolves get to Cheza, she's kidnapped by the weird evil person Darcia. So the wolves form a loose-knit pack to find Cheza and hopefully, the way to Paradise. I thought this was a really interesting story. Probably my second favorite of the night behind Get Backers. Also, it's from the same people as Cowboy Bebop and RahXephon. It also just started airing in Jan 2003.

Overall, I was really pleased I went this month. I enjoyed all 4 series, which is more than I can say for most of the screenings of the last year. There's usually at least one thing I find extremely boring or just don't like, but this month was great. :)

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