Hmm, what's been happening...

Played a lot of games Monday-Wednesday. Keith spent the night all three nights and Nate, him, and I basically stayed up all night every night, mostly played AoE2:TC... like 6.5 hour long games and such. :P

Wednesday afternoon Nate, Keith, Jason, and I went golfing in the afternoon. We all sucked, which made it more fun. :P We only did 9 holes, par 36 for 9 on the course (actually the course is rated for 68.9 for 18 holes, so actually 34.45 for 9...) and Keith was the winner with 69 :D Nate had 82, I had 83, Jason had 98. :D Keith had the best drive off a tee for the evening. I had the best swings with a 3 iron off the fairway a few times. Probably not worth the $11 each to goof off, but eh. Jason found lots of balls while looking for ones he lost. He also found a club. :P I think it took us like 3 hours to do the 9. :D When we started, some league scrambler people were catching up so we let them pass us on 2, and then we didn't have anyone behind the rest of the time. I lost one ball on 4 on a nice drive that hooked to the right too much, but found one almost exactly where mine would have bee. Then lost that one on 5 on another nice drive that just overshot the hole and hooked to the right also. ALl in all though we had fun. Had a nice almost 2 mile walk. We all just need to practice more. It'd been several years since Nate or I had gone out. :P

After that, Jason took off, and Nate, Keith and I left int he van and went intot town to Citgo. Found Jason there. :P Got chicken quesadilla's and such fromt he Taco Bell Express, and I got Liz Blizz Sobe and LiveWire MD. And we just kidn fo sat around and snacked and watched people.

Then we came back here. Mom had a huge delicious fruit salad made and pita bread and stuff to put in it. Roasted Garlic hummus, red, orange, and yellow peppers, etc. Ate a ton of fruit. Then like I said, we played games all night. Watched Dark City one morning after gaming. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the next night. And Brotherhood of the Wolf Wednesday night.

Mom bought me chocolate too. Mmmmmmm. This time, Lindt Swiss Bittersweet, Fine Dark Chocolate... yum. :D I do love my chocolate. :D

Thursday... I don't recall doing much at all Thursday. Maybe I'll remember later.

Yesterday, Mom and Dad got home around noon and went up north. Bro and I ate pizza. Talked to sis and Beth and watched TV with them for a while. Apparently, at least one, and possibly several people are very interested in our cottages up north now. Hooray! The one we're trying to buy down here has a bid on it by someone else now, but they also have to sell their other house before they can make good on it so we're hoping to sell our places quickly. :P

Today I slept, got up, left around 1:15PM to get an oil change in mom's car. Came back, and have been enjoying the AWESOME mid-70's temperatures and overcast sky with slight breeze... I love it. :) Went by Keith's and TOny's earlier but didn't see their cars, so I have no idea where everyone else is today or what's going on. :P Was debating seeing if anyone wanted to drive over to the lake to see the possible new place or else go hiking maybe. But no one's around! :|

One more thing, a quiz from my friend Mike:

Which MacHall Character Are You?

haha, golf! I would suck at that and I think I'll stick to put-put.