Rick (medlir) wrote,


You know what I think is probably the most scary about being an "adult"? When you're a kid you do just about whatever you want on a whim. You want to platy kickball, you do. You want to sit in class and cover your hands with glue, let it dry, and peel it off... you do. You want to spin in a circle and fall down... go for it. Whatever. Then people are supposed to become adults, which usually means having at least a semi-permenent job, living quarters, etc "of your own". But that's where the scary part comes in... because most of those people are also the same people who wish they be kids again and do things on a whim, and be free. A lot of people basically spend their entire lives trying to get back to that state of being just once more before they die it seems. Trudging day to day in a half-dead and depressed state with the hope that one day, they'll get to be kids again. Very sad.
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