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So last Thursday we packed up and went up north. Mom, Dad, Nate, Melissa, and myself. Steve and Heath got up there before we did too. Spent all weekend up there. Was really nice. Went swimming off the pontoon a bunch. Some people on the lake set off a couple grand in big fireworks on Friday night. Spent several evenings around the fire pit talking to people. Steve and Heath left saturday afternoon and my Aunt Sue and Uncle came up that evening with Dave's sister Renee and her husband Mike. They rode the Harleys up. Late Sunday afternoon there was a *huge* storm. The winds were amazing. Played scrabble that night. I spent most of Sunday laying around outside in just my boxers, reading a book, and drinking lemonade. Ahhh, the good life. Some people downshore from us a ways had four hot girls at their place, which is why we keep several pairs of binoculars handy. :D Lots of skiers, tubers, etc all weekend. Monday afternoon though, bro, Melissa, and I packed up and came back. Got back here around 4:45 I think. Mom and Dad stayed until Tuesday afternoon though. I have some pictures I took at various times.

Wednesday afternoon, I woke up, did a bunch of chores, and mowed part of the yard. Ever since then, my legs have been killing me. It's really weird, the backs of my legs just below my butt all the way down... my joints and muscles all hurt. And they haven't loosened back up since. Standing up hurts, even straightening my legs while walking. ANd I have no idea why.

Had a weird dream Tuesday night. We had like a really tall multi-story house on a lake. It was almost like a tower even. Each level was like 10 feet tall, and had a covered balcony. My space was the very top. For some reason, like 20-30 people we didn't know showed upa nd were wandering around downstairs. The ground floor was like a single giant room with a few small rooms off it, like my parents room. They were getting dressed up for something, and all these people were justw andering around even int heir room, and they didn't even notice. I remember wondering who they all were and why they were there, and why no one else seemed to care. I remember changing my clothes and looking out my balcony and seeing it was raining. Then some petite girl with short curly (fairly bright) red hair came up the ladder/steep stairs to my floor/level, just so her head and shoulders were above the floor level, and just started looking at me. Was weird. Then it like cut scene, and I had convinced a bunch of the people to go play down in the lake. I remember there was a football and other random stuff, and people were swimming. At one point the ball went right by me and I dove off the dock backwards to grab it out of the water. But I don't remember anything else.

I always try to figure out where dream material comes from, but usually my dreams seem to have little or nothing to do with reality. A few times I dream things and later they seem to fit things that just hadn't happened yet. Or rather, things happen that make the dreams seem like they were about that event or person. I ahve to completely boggle here though, as the place is nothing like any of our cottages even though it was on a lake, nor like any place I can recall having been before. Curious though.

Mom bought me more good dark chocolate today. I can't remember the brand right now, and it's in my fridge already (It's hot enough in my room even with the central air set to 72-74F, to melt chocolate if it's left out... bleh.) Starts with a G, and is Belgian. Very delicious.

Sis, bro and I played AoE2 last night. Keith left Mountain Dew in my fridge last week, so I stole one the other day. :P

Probably more I could type if I tried to think, but I also have a rather persistant headache for the last two days also.

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