Hmm, Keith was here almost non-stop last week/beginning of this week. Been messing with MAME a lot. Downloaded like 35M worth of games. Keith, Nate, and I have been playing old school games on it and Nintendo (Bubble Bobble, Paperboy, Lode Runner, etc on NES :D) I've mainly been playing DigDug and 1943 with MAME. We've come to realize playing Asteroids and Space Invaders on MAME sucks, and that we're better off just going to the basement to play on the actual machines instead. :P

Wednesday or Thursday I think, Keith and I went into Marshall with my paents truck to go to the DMV to get a license tab for our 5th wheel so my parents can use it this upcoming weekend. We got that, went into Goodwill to look for junk to buy. There was a really old Compaq computer in there, but they wanted $50 for it. :P Then we went to K-Mart and had pizza in the little built-in Little Caesar's. Lots of scary people in Marshall... far too many mullets were seen. Many suspicious people too. Then we went down the plaza to Felpaush to bug Sara. I bought two jars of baby food for $1.09 (Vanilla Custard, and Dutch Apple desserts... yum! :D), and Keith bought Tic-Tacs with a $20 so Sara would have to make change. :P After we hassled her, came back to Olivet and visited Wes since no one had seen or heard from him in about a month (since the day after Keith's open house, June 22nd, when we went to check up on him to see if he had died from his allergy+food poisoning battle). He was laying on the couch reading and watching LotR. Brought him back here, and then the three of us went out into the fields to pick blackberries for my mom so she could make a cobbler. After that we played Diablo II all night. Keith and I used our Nightmare level chars to rush Wes through Act 3 and 4 on Normal difficulty. I think Keith actually went home Friday for a while.

Ken came over and hayed our back field. We have a wagon of hay in the barn to unload now, he took 3 other wagons back to his place. Hooray, we didn't have to help bale this year!

Saturday, Keith, Wes, Ben and I all went to Ann Arbor to Animania for the afternoon/evening/night. Ann Arbor had a huge Art Fair going on too. Watched anime from 5PM until midnight. Ate pizza at the ever popular Backroom Pizzeria. Mmm. Got back here at 1:16AM. Mom and dad had gone up north for the weekend. Sunday they got back, Keith went home again, and my family went to my Aunt and Uncles for my cousin Justin's open house. Mmm, free food. It rained also, but not too bad. Cooled things off nicely.

Monday Keith was back here again, mom had made carrot cake for grandpa's 71st birthday, and Mom, Dad, Keith and I all went to my grandparents for that. Mom has started giving Keith chores like the rest of us since he's here all the time. :P He did pay for most of the gas in her car Saturday though for Animania and my pizza, so it works out with us feeding him all the time. :P Read Trivial Pursuit questions there and back. Watched Wheel of Fortune there... was a really cute young woman on there named Olivia... I vowed to make her my sugar momma. :D Then Jeopardy came on, but it's like 10 year old week or something, so the questions were really easy for the kids. :P I think played MAME games all Monday/Tuesday.

Keith went home yesterday evening I think. Mom, Dad, Nicole and I picked all the green beans in the garden. Today I mowed most of the yard and did a bunch of other chores. Mom brought home tons of fruit yesterday so I've been gobbling up peaches, blueberries, cherries, etc.

Chocolate! Mom bought me more delicious chocolate! :D The first one last week was Perugina 3.5oz Dark Chocolate bar, and it was oh so good! I think one of the best. Italian chocolate, distributed by Nestle. Mmm. Yesterday she brought home some more Lindt Swiss chocolate bars. I grabbed the 3.5oz Bittersweet with chopped hazelnuts. Not bad, but not great, reminds me that I haven't bought a jar of Nutella in a while. :P Bro grabbed the white chocolate. The third mom took herself, it was one I'd had before a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow... tomorrow I'll be doing a pro job of waxing and buffing the truck so it looks nice when mom and dad take it to my cousins races on Saturday/Sunday with the 5th wheel. Dad got it washed earlier tonight... sadly, our power washer is up north right now. Dad says he'll pay me. :P

Some links now... this is random, it's my macro keyboard I use, it's old, but oh so helpful. Anyone ever wanted a Fetish Map? There you go. This is actually kind of scary... what if you saw your screen name?

As always, probably stuff I've missed, but oh well, this is more than anyone will probably read anyway. ;)

i'm glad i'm not the only adult who has a tendency to eat baby food at times ;)

Mmm, baby food.

hehe...what a lucky thing that i've got two kids to support my baby food habit now!

Hmm, that is convenient!

But I think I'll stick to going to the store rather than having any kids of my own just to perpetuate my baby food urges. :P

hehe.......good plan :)

So they're targetting www.k_lite.tk_Kazaa_Lite@Kazaa eh?

I'll be amused when they figure out that thousands of users have that name.... ;D

im flipping thru my random lj stuff and stumble onto you... while looking at those people who have me on their friends list...
but try as i might i cant find a connection... and since i am a curious person...
so how did ya find me?

That's a good question... I was going to guess a community, but you only seem to be on fuckyoulist, and I haven't been there since it was first made. Then I thought maybe I saw you comment on something else. But now I'm thinking it was from another site entirely. :P I have a strong feeling it was on another LJ clone site... probably since that the most recent one I found? Maybe? :P If not there or another journal site, I'd have to guess friendster or something. But I'm pretty sure it was on another journal site...

lol... the mystery continues, no?
i rule out the idea of another journal site...
maybe fate threw us both a curve ball on this one

I added you to my friends list.
Add me back? :)

A bit belated, but added you back. :)