Wednesday night, we played a big game of Age of Empires 2... Nate, Keith, Nicole, and I as well as 4 computer players. It was craziness. We were a bit loud though, so...

Thursday afternoon, mom came home early from work because she was out of it/tired because we had been noisy. She got here at 3PM, and kicked Keith and I out to do shopping that she was skipping by coming home early. So Keith and I went to Lansing to the mall and wandered around Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Babbages, and went to the plaza across the road to FuncoLand. Then came back to Charlotte and did the shopping at Meijer's... got back here around 9:30 I think... we had left at 3:30 :D

Friday I hand washed, waxed, and buffed the truck as previously planned. Took an hour or two. Parents got home around 5PM. Dad I put mud flaps on the truck. Then Mom, Dad, Keith and I unloaded hay fromt he wagon int he barn and stacked it. Nate got home and helped with the last half. Seems like we did something the rest of the evening, but for the life of me, I can't recall what exactly. I remember being awake until like 7AM, but I don't remember why... didn't play D2 or AoE2... someone remind me? I do remember watching Count of Monte Cristo at some point. I remember Keith played Star Fox on N64 a bunch. Hmm.

Saturday, got up first around 9:30 because supposedly, band people had to be at the school at 10AM to get ready for the parade... except Keith called Tony's house and found out the aparade was at 2PM and didn't have to be at the school until 1PM... so we both went back to sleep until 12:30PM. Nate took off with mom's car, leaving me with no vehicle so we took Keith's into town after we got tired of waiting for Nate to get get "back soon" as he said he would. Found out later, his girlfriend was in the hospital after somehow cutting her foot by falling on a light fixture that was on the floor for some reason. Don't ask me. I had my rollerblades, and we had Keith's coconut halves so we could make horse galloping noises. I rollerbladed along the parade route with the coconuts and my digicam. After the parade, everyone met up at Karl's house. I got yelled at for rollerblading downtown, apparently, no rollerblades or bikes were allowed during the festival... bunch of crap... bikes can be a problem in crowded areas since they're big, but rollerblades? On public streets? Bleh. Tony, Jason, and I came here to get Super Monkey Ball 2, and Super Smah Brothers Melee that Tony had left here earlier in the week. Then we went to Tony's hosue and got his GameCube, and back to Karl's. Lots of both games were played. :P Around 4:40PM we wandered down to the fire barn downtown to get free food. Sadly, no 1600 pounds of bbq chicken this year... they had bbq pork instead. Was pretty good. Wandered around amongst all the people for a while. Went back to Karl's and played more games. Made a run back here to let Buster out to go potty and feed him dinner. Played at Karl's more. Tony, Wes, Jason, and Krystal left in Jason's truck to get a computer desk from Ryan Spotts' house and something from the Funks' house for Wes. Keith and I wandered back downtown again, and got Andy and some kid to play frisbee in the outfield of the baseball field. It was crazy, for a city of 1600 people, it's amazing how many people are in that one block of downtown for the Fireman's Festival. :D Kids all over the baseball field playing, people on picnic blankets, people eating the pork dinners, people playing games, people buying stuff, people just wandering around and talking. It's really amazing how many people turn out. Eventually, they started taping off the baseball field and kicked us off it in preparation of the fireworks. We wandered around, and then back to Karl's for a bit, picking up Jenni along the way. Sara and Amanda had shown up, and Jason, Krystal, Tony, and Wes were back. As it got dark, we all wandered back downtown for the fireworks with squirt guns in tow. The fireworks were pretty impressive. Several of the boomers put off a shock wave you could actually feel. :D Hooray for people's car alarms going off repeatedly! Wes' friend Kale showed up for a while. Ben came back too after having gone to his second's cousins birthday after the parade earlier. Lots of people were squirted with varying results. Most of us went back to Karl's and played Monkey Ball 2 again. Then Karl's parents kicked us out and people went home. Keith came back here for a while, and went home late/early this morning.

I slept from 6AM until 12:30PM... and then went back to bed for an hour more.

Turned on the central air again since it was humid as all get out. Cleaned up the kitchen and such for mom and dad who had left Saturday morning before the parade with the truck and 5th wheel to watch my cousin Justin's motocross race. Watched "The Hunter", Steve McQueen's last movie, and did various stuff. Parents got home around 7PM, and I took the truck downtown again to meet up with people to play softball. Tony's team was Tony, me, Ryan S, Chris D, Keith, Karl, Wes, Ryan M, Andy, and Aaron (for an inning or two)... Jason's team was Jason, Krystal, Jenni, Kelly, their Dad, Derek, Justin, Andi, and Andi's Mom. Final score... Tony's Team - 36, Jason's Team - 7. :D Much fun was had by all. Random people in town even stopped and watched the game. :D I slid into first and second once each (taking the bases with me both times :D) and now I had a nice scabby patch on my left leg. :P I played center outfield the entire time since I actually caught eveything anyone hit out there. :D And I think I had the only run-in homer of the game, but I could be wrong. Hooray for Rick. :D Had some nice hits at least. We got done with the game around 9:30PM... kind of sore now. :P

Took a shower, watched some cartoons, etc since then. The other night, I made the sXe Community moderated. What a chore. Friday, Keith and I are taking off for the Toronto area for the Realms of Despair Reunion... a lot to do before then... like pack, wash the truck again, get the camper cab back on it, etc. Days are flying by fast lately. :P

Our NAT box is slowly dieing. It keeps having disk write errors, but multiple scans of the disk surface show nothing. It's getting worse though, it's freezing like once every hour or two now apparently. Bleh. Need to build a new box this week maybe.

And I don't know why I just spent so much time linkifying this post when I was already tired, but I did. Sleepy time.