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The deal... so much has happened since the beginning of last month, it's been crazy. I open up the LJ client all the time meaning to write an EpicEntry™, but then I get busy with other things and it just never gets done, more things happen, and the EpicEntry™ I need to write just gets larger and larger in scale, which will take even more time to write, which makes it even less likely to be done.

The solution... skip it for the moment, and just post an update for the present, and catch up to the past in the future. :D

So without further ado, my weekend through today.

Thursday, Keith and I stayed up all night playing on Realms of Despair. Wandering around the Realms, leveling lowbies, and killing some really mean npc's. Around noon, we watched the Conan re-run from the night before, and then an old re-run on SNL around 1PM. Keith fell asleep in my laz-y-boy, and I was almost passed out when mom called to tell me to do chores, so...

Friday afternoon I spent cleaning up things, carrying golf clubs to the basement, collapsible chairs to the basement, cleaning the kitchen, etc. Sorted and threw away a bunch of CD jewel cases that were broken, and packed the rest into a moving box for later use. It was about 4:30PM by this time and Keith woke up, and wandered out half-asleep. APparently he went to his house and passed out again. :P Dad called, and sis and I went into Charlotte with the truck to help Dad pick up his work van which was done being worked on. I drove the work van home, sis drove the truck back. Parents both got home and packed, and left to go up north for the weekend. Beth showed up here around 11PM or midnight I think, and sat around for a while and took a shower while waiting for Nicole to get here. They both left again, and I think after messing with junk, I passed out around 3AM.

Saturday, I woke up when Keith called to find out where I was around 11:15AM. I missed the Frontier Days parade in Charlotte accidentally. It had started at 10:30. I get myself around, drove over to my Uncle Steve's to get my old pair of rollerblades, and went into Charlotte around 11:50... parade was just getting over with. Met up with Keith and his family at their church where they had a lemonade/ice cream sandwich/etc stand. Sat around for while. Rollerbladed a bit. Let Keith try to rollerblade with my old pair. He tried, he really did! :P Gave up that, I spent $1 on a lemonade from their church, walked over and read comics and such in the Reading Place bookstore, walked around the courthouse square to look at all the craft booths and such. Looked at the stuff in the old courthouse like every year. In the old classroom, I wrote "Cows say MOO!" on one of the little chalkboards in one of the old desks. Keith wrote "All your base are belong to us!" on one. Stopped at a old-time soda booth. I got some decent sarsaparilla for $2, Keith got the tin mug for $5 with Orange Zippy in it. The had Birch Beer, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Grape, "Blue Lightning", and Cherry Wine also. Back to the church, and helped take down stuff. Carried tables, took stuff to cars, pulled canopy stakes out, etc. Keith's girlfriend Jenni showed up, Keith and I played frisbee for a bit. And around 4:30PM we all left to go home. I got here about 4:50. Spent the vening trying to get an old 486 laptop on the network. I think I managed to kill my PCMCIA 3c589 EtherLink III card when changing it's internal resource settings too many times... it gives me a CIS memory corrupt message now when I try to change it. Oops. I think I gave up around 5AM and passed out.

Sunday, woke up around 11 or so I think when Mom and Dad got home from up north. Watched Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Army of Darkness, started watching animted LotR (the weird one that cover Fellowship/TT)... but turned it off and watched the Rankin/Bass animated Return of the King instead all while installing NetBSD on another machine here to replace my old NetBSD box. Went to bed around 4AM.

Today... got up around 12:30PM. Got dressed and cleaned up, and left for Eaton Rapids at 1:50PM to pick up my cousin and take him to class in Lansing at LCC by 3PM. Dropped him off at 2:52, and went to the Lansing Mall to visit Barnes & Noble. Saw a bunch of the employees I know. Got a Mocha Coconut Frapucino, and bought the latest 2600 issue for the Summer quarter. Went down the road and visited mom at work. Went to Quality Dairy and deposited $10 so I can paypal and pay for extended Trillian membership on the 20th. Went to Meijer's and returned bottles and cans, and bought two 2-liters of LiveWire. Got home around 4:50PM. Started making cookies for mom until she got there 5 minutes later. Went to Keith's because he was having everyone over before he leaves for the Navy tomorrow night. Watched TV, ate pizza, played frisbee, got firewood and firepit ready, etc. Left at 8:20PM to come back here for Symposium meeting at 8:30, cut out of that early at 9:10 to run back to Lansing to pick up my cousin Justin from class. Some girl had no coolant in here car, so I chugged 2/3 of a 2-liter of LiveWire so they could use it to get water to put in there. :P Ow. :| She suggested I dump it out... yeah, right. Like I was going to waste it. I'd tell her too bad and to find another container rather than waste it. :P Speaking of, thisa was just a bit ago on Realms...

You counciltalk 'My stomach is rather unsettled from chugging 2/3 of a 2-liter of Mountain Dew LiveWire earlier so some girl could use the bottle to get water to fill her coolant tank in her car. :P'
Anebethany counciltalks 'haha'
Mumra counciltalks 'You could have just emptied some of it out...'
You counciltalk 'I can't waste MD! Blasphemy!'
Shingo counciltalks 'and waste preciousss mountain dew?'
Shingo counciltalks 'You're a trooper, Harthan ;)'
Anebethany counciltalks ':D'
Mumra counciltalks 'MD isn't all that anyway. '
You counciltalk 'Especially when I just spent like $2 of my $20 fortune on it. :D'
Anebethany counciltalks 'the orange one is !'
You counciltalk 'I feel sorry for Canadians and their lack of caffeinated MD.'
Mumra counciltalks 'The orange one will be gone soon enough. go buy it while you can ;)'
Anebethany counciltalks 'and when you go to 7-11 and the slurpee machine has green + red + orange + blue ! its like heaven :>'
Mumra counciltalks 'Speaking of 7-11.. I should head to the store.. need breakfast before work.. hrm..'

Drove Justin home to Eaton Rapids, then back to Keith's again... got back there about 10:35 or so. Wes and Karl had left already since earlier. Sat around with Keith, Jenni, Sara, Tony, Amanda, Jason, and Krystal though. Keith left to take Jenni home around 11. I relaxed int he hammock for about an hour. Jason and Krystal, and then Amanda left while waiting for Keith to get back. When he got back, Tony and Sara left too. Then him and I came back here to get online. And we've been goofing off online since we got here around 12:30PM. It doesn't seem like we've been here for 4.5 hours now, but we have. :P

And now, I need to get offline so dad can send faxes when he gets up soon, so this is all for now. Sleepy time!

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