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I forgot to mention, I called SpringCom last week. They're the cable company that covers Narrow Lake, where our new place is. I had emailed to find out if they were the company that handled the area, and if cable internetw as available out there too, and after a week and half, had gotten no reply. So I called, got someone right away, and she told me that they are the ones who supply cable out there, but that cable internet isn't available yet, but should be in a few months. Sadly, a few months may actually mean a year or more, but here's to hoping!

Got up today, took bed from up north downstairs, filled the water softener with salt, and other random tasks. Hooked up the Terk antenna onto the DISH Network dish and did all the wiring for it so we can use it instead of rabbit ears. Watched Ah! My Goddes the movie, and then took a nap on my floor. Helped make dinner... or at least the pasta salad, which had spiral noodles, tomatos, red bell peppers, and the onions, green and black olives that I cut up... all with italian dressing on it. We also had acorn squash and moose steaks. Mmm, moose steaks. They are surprisingly good. Were even better when we used this Jack Daniels brand bbq thing a week or two ago on the ones we had then. Changed my fishes water in his bowl. Went downstairs and had some Imposible Pie. Picked up my room a bit. The mess in my room is shifting towards the front of house as I clean the other half. Work in progress.

Have my interview tomorrow at 10:45AM, whoo. On a cool note, my cousin is getting a ride into Lansing tomorrow with his grandma so I don't have to do it, and he's getting a ride back with a girl who also has class there late and lives in Eaton Rapids also. Double whoohoo! No pointless driving around for 3 hours or so. So tomorrow I'll just have my interview, run the trash to the dump for the week, and my Symposium meeting. More cleaning of my room in there also I'll bet.

Also, I got my cam working again. It stopped working sometime between today and April, pluging it in resulted in nothing happening... the LED on it didn't even light up. So I took it physically apart, and made sure it hadn't come apart as it has before internally (it's been through a lot...) and nothing. SO I plugged it into Keith's computer and it worked! So I went through the registry on here and deleted any keys related to it at all. Supplicated for luck from the deities, rebooted, plugged it in, and it recognized it, installed the drivers, and I'm back in business. :P

Just half-watched Trigun and now Cowboy Bebop. Need to pick a movie and pass out after setting my alarms. Everyone cross your fingers for me tomorrow. :P


Forgot I wanted to add this, it's the job info from the newspaper...

"MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY LAB MANAGER: Must be computer literate with basic understanding of WINDOWS, MS Office Suite and Software Applications. Experience with computer technology required including printers, scanners, digital cameras and the internet. Course work and/or training in computer repair and network operation preferred. Must pass proficiency test as determined by the District. Experience in an education environment helpful. High school diploma required, Associates Degree preferred. $9.40/hour, 35 hrs/wk, 40 wks/yr."

Whee! For reference, my resume is here. :)

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