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Since then...

I got to my interview location about 10 minutes early, which gave me time to read over the job description while I waited. Then the interview itself seemed to go really well. Sharon, the Technology Director is the mom of a guy that graduated with my sister here in Olivet. The secretary lady Gloria seemed ambivalent to everything, like she had better things to be doing. :P There was a younger guy named Scott I think, who seemed really cool, and another women who's name I can't recall. They told me outright that one of my answers was "impressive". :P I think it was describing the network and computers here at home. :D It is over at the elementary school where my sister works, which is cool, and one day a week at another elementary school. They ended up skipping question four because I answered question three overly well apparently... "I guess we don't even need to ask question four!" :D After the interview proper, I had a test, and that was to write instructions on how to use their Sony Mavica digital camera. I've used Mavica's before, but it's not like it's difficult. The battery was dead when they handed it to me, so I typed up outlined directions detailing how to remove the battery and charge, how to obtain a disk if they didn't have one, etc, as well as setting the switch to LCD instead of FINDER, and setting the other switch to STILL instead of MOVIE, or the other optioin. I typed up where each button was that you needed to operate the camera to take a picture, and how to get the picture off the disk and onto the computer. Waiting for the battery to charge was the longest part. :P Sharon seemed pleased with it, and I think she'll be the one to use the directions tomorrow to see how well they work. Scott told me "Nice to meet you as he left." and seemed nice. Gloria, the secretary, helped me get a floppy disk so I could actually use the camera to make sure I was doing things step by step. I figured, if I had to do those steps, a teacher might need directions on how to do them as well. :P Sharon told me they're interviewing more people on Wednesday, and then they'd be talking to the Superintendent, and then they'd be calling Friday. They want someone in there by October 1st.

After that was over, I went to the elementary where I'd be working four days out of the week, and had the secretaries page my sister. Then I went down to the teacher's lounge with her where she was eating lunch and talked to her and some of the teachers. Theyr eally don't like the guy that's working there temporarily. APparently, he doesn't talk to anyone, doesn't return greetins, and is in general no help. They'll take no help at all rather than ask him. One of the teachers had a problem earlier that day, and one of the other teachers tried to help but couldn't, so she suggested he call the tech guy, and he told her, "Yeah right." Apparently, he's interviewing for the job as well though anyway, even though apparently none of the teachers want him there. He couldn't even help my sister make a custom label format in Publisher, he just asked her "What's Publisher?" While I was at the school, several of the teachers said it'd be great if I got the job. :P

Then I came home, goofed off for a bit I think. Took the trash to the dump at 4:30, got home at 4:50. Laid down because I was tired and ended up sleeping until 8PM. Oops. Went downstairs. Parents had left for lumber stores and such pricing items for the new place like windows, doors, etc. I made a big can of Busch's Baked Beans for my dinner. :P Sis had some too. Then I had my Symposium meeting.

After that, I wes fed up with Norton Anti-Virus Auto-Preotect not working since last week, I think due to that MS RPC patch that came out the 10th, but no way to really tell. No matter what I tried, it wouldn't enable itself. So I spent some time uninstalling all of Norton SystemWorks, cleaning the registry by hand of the obvious things, deleting the obvious dirs, then ran rnav2003.exe to get rid of even more of their crap, and finally reinstalling just NAV and some of the utilities. And now, all is well again... ran LiveUpdate to update everything, and downloaded the newest virus defs last night (before that my defs were from the 11th... oh my! Four day old virus defs! :P). So all is well now. I left my computer downloading a bunch of software, and am now sorting through it all, updating things that need updating, etc.

Septic tank guy was here, but the truck filled up before he was done, so he'll be back soon. I wonder who willingly works for a Septic Tank pumping company. Do they get paid that well? Although, farm kids smell animal crap all day on farms and get used to it, so I guess people could used to this too. It just seems like not a very fun job pumping nasty smelly black water out of tanks all day. They really must get paid well or something. :P

Maybe get Keith's Navy Basic Training mailing address today. Apparently, his mom has it now, and she was going to give it to Jenni last night, but they never got ahold of each other. I probably could call over there myself, but eh, all in due time.

And now, back to installing and updating things.

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