Rick (medlir) wrote,

More randomness ensues...

Fell asleep before I really watched any of .hack//SIGN last night. Was just too tired. Will probably repeat the same tonight.

Didn't do a whole lot today, seems like I got up at a resonable hour... after having some really weird dreams. Though weird dreams have been the norm for the last two weeks or so. This one took place in an almost WaterWorld type setting... lots of water. And people shooting at me with sniper rifles. This in itself wouldn't seem odd if for instance I had recently played a FPS game with a sniper rifle, but I haven't played Action Quake2 in probably a month or more. Not fun being shot. But hey, at least it was less weird than the two dreams last week or so where I lost a tooth for no apparent reason... in two different dreams... on two different nights. And yes, I brushed my teeth. :D Very strange.

So random stuff... I downloaded and installed the latest Semagic client... I didn't used to like it, but it seems highly usable currently... in fact, I'm using it now to type this! I may have to ResHack it a bit though to get it comfortable like did witht he regular LJ-Win32 client. Once downloaded and installed, I spent most of today updating my friends list and related things on here off and on. Deleted a few people who had deleted me, added one or two people who seemed really interesting, and then completely reworked my Default View group... removed everyone from it, and only added a small number compared to what it had been... 227 friends, 58 communities... leaving 169 people... and sadly only 55 of that 169 are in my Default View! Then again, I haven't been reading myf riends page in long time anyway... but hey, maybe I'll start again!

So after browsing untold number of LJ's all day to see which I wanted in my Default View or not (which takes a long LONG time on a slow modem...), I pulled a row of green beans int he garden and threw the plants to the horses to eat. I think there's three more rows still now that I've pulled up two of them. Then I rode the quad cross-country over to my Aunt and Uncle's new house since dad was over there. I helped dad start doing the eletrical wiring for them. We basically did the garage while we were over there, but couldn't even finish that since my Uncle hadn't bought wire staples, ground fault crimps, or wire nuts yet. After that, we left. I beat Dad home since I was going a half-mile cross-country, but he had to go a mile and half and make two turns on the road. :P

Then there's a blank... what did I do? Helped my mom by pushing our mini-van while she steared to get it down the driveway and closer tot he road so the guy that wants to look at it can. Also helped get the Smoker down from the garage attic, and then helped find the smoker rcipe book so dad could start making some jerkey in it. Worked on friends list stuff some more. Eventually went downstairs and made rice, with cheese, and eggs... then helped sis make waffles in the waffle maker, and ate three waffles too. Watched part of Commando with dad since he had it on. Logged on Keith's AIM account and put his Navy address in his profile so people can write to him. Talked to Jenni for a bit, and then Carly for a bit after she messaged Keith's account. Also talked to Kira a bit, Heather, Sam, Andy, and Justin most recently. Quite a bit more chatty than an average day, I bugged all sorts of people.

While browsing people's LJ during my massive group cleanup project, I came across Animeniacs which sells anime DVD's... cheap. :D They're rips of Region 2 DVD's, and sometimes even from TV in Hong Kong apparently, HK companies press DVD's (probably illegally...) and then they get imported over here. So I spent some time talking to one of the reviewers for the site. Debating actually buying some stuff fromt here to see if it's really worth it. It looks like a few things might be worth it (Cowboy Bebop movie possibly), while others don't seem worth it at all (RahXephon, complete series... first 12 ep. are great DVD sources... second half of the series is really bad TV source...). Interesting either way. As I said, I may buy something from them just to see.

Also while browsing... found out Tom has a CD for sale at Tower Records... go Tom! Meanwhile, you can download the first Vx album, "Incantation", on the site.

In other news... Gameboy Advance as a Videophone... ooo, cool.

I also ended up finding out that Grand Valley has their own little Renaissance Festival... wow, and I never knew... maybe I'll have to run up there that weekend.

And of course, watched Family Guy, Futurama, and Inuyasha. Then worked on this friends list stuff some more.

And now... now it's really late again. And I want to get up at a decent time tomorrow so I'm awake when they call to tell me if I got the job or not. So off I go!

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