Rick (medlir) wrote,

Zippety doo daa!

I can't remember who I stole this from, but it's an image of the path of Hurricane Isabel, and it updates, but not sure how often.

Random fun... click me! Hover your mouse to about LAT 42.473806, LON -84.905581... I've done this before, but someone called me suburban, so I had to do something. :| Being three miles outside a "city" of 1600 is the closest I've ever been to suburban, with the next largest city being about 8000 people and 15 minutes away, and a half hour away being massive cities that break the 100K mark! hahaha!

Mozilla 1.5 RC1 for Windows! Download now!

Sharon called to get some references from me for the job I'm tyring to get. I just left them on her voicemail as she said she'd be out of the office this afternoon. I gave her my "Uncle" Steve as a character reference, my neighbor Terry as both a personal and work reference as I watch their animals and their house frequently when they're away, and my former boss Dean as he's just plain cool. :D

I swear, I go braindead on the phone sometimes. When leaving a message for Dean, I fogot my own phone number. When leaving a message for Terry, I ended my message by saying my own name, like I was signing an email or something. :P I actually talked to Steve though, and I didn't sound like a complete idiot when calling my hopefully future boss' voicemail. :D

The anxiety is running high today!

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