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So I didn't really get much more cleaning done. Moved a few things, mostly papers from one side of the room to the other and that was about it.

Ended up working on various parts of my website. In the course of a discussion yesterday, I ended up pasting the link to my countdown timer I made, and noticed it was out of date... it was still linking to VB5 runtime files, and was using a really old style of my site. So I went on a typing rampage and complete re-wrote my perl module that contains the subs that prints the headers and footers and such for my pages, then re-wrote the pgae itself to use the newer stuff, etc. So now the page matches my LJ style, and is valid XHTML 1.1. After that, the rampage continued and I updated my anime page (which is actually a cgi script) which used to be a plain page with a table on it like my DVD page still is. But I rewrote it, improved it greatly (why read in each line from the data file one by one in real-time, when I can read the entire file into an array right when the page is requested?), and made it use the new and improved header and footer too. Mmm, modularization. Probably work on more tomorrow. I should really make an index page for my entire site rather than leaving it a directory listing. :D

M&D went to the store, came back with bananas, baby carrots, and apple cider for me for the week. :D Then I helped make dinner, and took out the trash. Got ready for my weekly Symposium meeting, which is at 8PM now instead of 8:30. Grabbed dinner right before the meeting started. Then multi-tasked paying attention to the meeting while still working on pages. After it was over, wrote Minutes notes for my Guild's and Nation's boards.

Discovered this break-out game, but can't play it on here... it wants at least a 300MHz processor. :| Ah well, there's better ones out there that use far less resources... like DX-Ball and DX-Ball 2. :)

By the way, how many people put the females in relationships first when talking about them? I should make a poll. I almost always say Mom and Dad... Pam and Shawn... Susan and Richard... but then again... Grandpa and Grandma... Dick and Patty... Wally and Bobbi... I wonder what makes it vary from case to case.

Had Cryo stop forwarding my medlir.com email to my ISP and just let me POP from Warped, since it makes it easier to send out legit-looking mail from my medlir.[com,net,org] addresses, and it's once less mail server it's traveling throught o get here.

Watched half of Futurama. Inuyasha has started over again... they've only shown through episode 52 now, and they're done for a while again... argh. I guess all the way to episode 104 has been dubbed already, and the series runs to 126 at least. My evening cartoons and the only TV I watch basically is all re-runs now... double argh.

Wrote little bro a letter just now so when my parents leave in 2.5 hours for Texas, theyc an take it with them to give to him. Ended up being almost 2.5 pages of TNR size 10 in Word XP, 1" margins all around. I also put my cam image from Saturday in there so he could see my room progress. :D

But anyway, it's now 3:30AM or so, so I should pick a DVD to watch/fall asleep to and get to bed.


Addendum: A few things I forgot...

foobar2000 v0.7 is finally finished it looks like. After 45 betas, and at least 16 RC's. :P

ntcanuck.com has a cool program called BIND-PE for Windows 2K/XP to be a caching DNS server. I had downloaded 1.11 a while ago, but didn't use it since the ICS machine used to 98SE... but now I could, so I downloaded the latest beta from the forums and *cheer* it's working great.

And one last thing, I made a FOAF file for myself earlier also. :)

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