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Spent Thursday riding the quad for quite a while in my Uncle's woods. Tried to make my way through the big swamp over there too, but the reed bumps make it just about impossible. And after getting hung up and spending several minutes lifting the quad and moving it by hand, I finally got it free and decided I'd had enough "fun".

Sis got home, and laid down for a nap, so I went to the Cider Mill. Got yummy apple cider, 6 plain donuts, 3 apple, 3 apple with sugar, 3 pumpkin, 3 pumpkin with sugar, 3 cherry, and 3 cherry with sugar. :D Mmm, donuts and cider.

I kind of gave up cleaning my room because I ran out of the boxes we're using for everything.

There was a big storm here Wednesday night that seems have messed up our phone lines further so that now when the modem should disconnect, the line doesn't actually hang up, and whenever you try to dial, it goes straight to "If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again...", but normal phones seem to work. This makes no sense though, and would make it seem like the modem changed... except no software on the ICS box changed, the phone line surge protector is fine, etc. It's continued to have problems through Thursday and today... really starting to annoy me.

Today, tried troubleshooting the modem more. Did random stuff. Sis got home from teaching and laid down. I went down tot he HS football game to help the band again. Talked to Tony, Wes, Jason, and even Sara was down there this week. It started raining during half-time. Helped carry stuff back up to the band room after that. Loaded up some nice heavy-duty speakers from the band room into our truck for Wes. Then got back here, and went to Pizza Hut and had dinner with sis and Russell. Chicken supreme pizza, and cheese and pineapple pizza. :P Then came back here, Wes had loaded the speakers into his parents' car, and then he came in. Had a Mel Brooks marathon... Blazing Saddles, History of the World Part I, and Young Frankenstein. :D Wes just left to go home. Sis went over to Russell's. And the house is mine!

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