Rick (medlir) wrote,

"Whee for Ren Fest!" or "Sad and alone at home."

Left here around 11:30AM... went over to see if my Uncle was at his place he's working on. he was, so I talked to him, saw he did have our trailer, and let him know I'd need it one day before Tuesday. Went into Lansing, only to find out the Farmer Jack's on Saginaw didn't have any tickets... they had sent them over to the East Lansing store. So then I hopped on 496, went through downtown, and got off on Trowbridge on MSU's campus... was there a game today? Traffic wasn't terrible, but a lot of people... and RV's in the Breslin Center parking lot... and tailgaters. Went down Grand River past Hagadorn, and to the other Farmer Jack's... got my ticket, hit 127 north to 69 east/north, to 75 south... and to the Ren Fest! Got there shortly before 2PM I think after all the delays.

Ended up parking like four car widths from the entrance driveway right along the fence out by the road... long hike up to the gate from there.

Watched the Ded Bob show as always. :) Although, I and a lot of other people didn't enjoy it as much as previous years because he's gotten all political... and political comedy doesn't go over well in mixed crowds. Ate some cheese bread sticks. Wandered around, talked to random people, took some pictures. Tried to find clorimer's booth just for kicks, not realizing that he was only there the first two weekends of the month. Got a butterscotch latte (they were out of Hazelnut syrup. :| ), and a piece of yummy cheesecake from the Special Events tent where the fudge was. It had like a chocolate crumb crust, caramel swirled in it, and caramel on top of it... mmm... cheesecake.

Of course, I went to the honey booth... I bought 48 peach honey sticks, six orange blossom, and six clover. So I'll mail you a bunch on Monday Kira! :P

Looked at the various sword shops where I can't afford to buy anything just to see what they had on display. One of the coolest places there is Christian Michael's Arms and Armour... I always have to visit them and gaze longingly at the weapons I can't afford. While I was there, one of the girls was explaining to some young couple who had obviously never been there about how they're full-use weapons and about the lifetime guarantee... you can use these for steel on steel battle all you want, and if it ever breaks, they'll fix it or replace it... I love their stuff. :P

Looked at the new designs for the necklace token press booth where Kira and I got ours last year. No new cool designs though. I thought it was cool I still had mine on from last year. :)

Tried to find ladyshay also, since I hadn't talked to her for a long time, but didn't actually find her. Not even sure if she was there or not.


I apparently quit typing this entry last night, who knows what else I was going to type then that I've forgotten now. New entry!

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