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Forgot to mention, Nicole treated me to pizza Friday night at Pizza Hut. She had a coupon from her school, so her and I, and her boyfriend Russell all went. Got a large Chicken Supreme pizza, medium cheese and pineapple, and breadsticks... was good. :)

When I got back here last night, Nicole was talking to her friend Dave in the kitchen. I talked to both of them for a while, and ate what was left of the pizzas from Friday. Nicole ended up leaving and going to Russell's house, and I came up here to get on-line and such.

Beth showed up at some point, and I talked to her until Nicole and Russell got over here. Then Nicole, Russell, and I watched Catch Me If You Can on PPV, Beth was on AIM in the den talking to people for most of it. Then we kind of watched the end of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. By this time, it was like 3:30AM I think. Not sure where Nicole and Russell slept. Beth slept ont he couh, and I came back up here and watched The Great Escape on DVD until I fell asleep.

Woke up today sometime after the crack of noon when Laura called here for Nicole. Discovered everyone else had left here around 11:45AM. Watched 101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment with Nicole and Beth from 5:30-8PM after they showed back up here. Then I spent all night converting my LiveJournal S1 style into an S2 style... what a pain in the ass. :P However, my lastn and friends pages are both back to how they were in S1 now... at least I think so. And the calendar, day, and comment pages all seem functional, though the details may still be borked and need tuning. Fairly pleased to have gotten as far as I have, though I'm frequently finding the S2 documentation to be severely lacking in helpfulness and usability a lot of the time.

Don't think I mentioned we sold our old mini-van the other day too. I helped the two old guys who bought it get it on the car carrier tow-behind thing they had. Mom will be happy to not see it laying around anymore.

Apparently, my parents are planning on getting home late tomorrow night instead of Tuesday night now. I'm kind of sad... it's a lot less stressful here when no one else is here. :P

Just caught up on my friends page now that it's working properly again. Feh on the time though... I need to pick a DVD to watch, and pass out.

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