Rick (medlir) wrote,

Some things I forgot...

I baked a delicious cheesecake last night.

And Nommobugente is also cool at the Ren Fest. Not only do they play drums/bongos really awesomely, but also the one blond girl is really hot. :D My main reason for watching their show several times last year. :P

Went to the scrap yard today with the truck and trailer and got money for the scrap aluminum I took. Then went to the post office and mailed Kira's honey sticks. Then came back here and cleane dup the house.

Mom and dad just got home 20 minutes ago or so.

Tonight is just bleh. Bleh all around. I'm not sure how it happened, but several things have added up to a level of bleh that I don't even feel like doing anything on my computer now, and so bleh... off I go.

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