Rick (medlir) wrote,

Recent expenses.

Was just giving my mom the money from selling our mini-van that the guys paid me when they came to pick it up last week, and she wondered why I was only giving her $115 instead of $150, so I ended up working up an expense record for myself for the last week just to verify to myself that I wasn't missing any money, and so she'd know I didn't just throw it out the window or something. :P And so, this probably isn't interesting to anyone else, but since the point of my journal isn't to be interesting... just to be a journal of me... :P Here it is...

150.00 Money from selling old mini-van.
 32.50  Money from taking scrap aluminum to scrap yard.
 20.00  Money parents left here for me.
202.50  Peak money from all incomes during the week period.
- 4.00  Football game on Friday.
- 4.49  Cider from the cider mill (for everyone, as well as...)
- 3.99  Dozen Donuts (6 plain, 3 pumpkin, 3 sugared pumpkin)
- 3.99  Dozen Donuts (3 apple, 3 sugared apple, 3 cherry, 3 sugared cherry)
-28.00  Gas in truck. ($1.40/ga)
-13.86  Ticket for Renaissance Festival.
-10.00  Honey sticks from Renaissance Festival.
- 2.75  Cheese breadsticks - lunch at festival.
- 4.00  Cheesecake - lunch at festival.
- 4.00  Butterscotch latte - lunch at festival.
- 4.40  Postage on sending honey sticks to Kira in Oz.
- 2.02  Coin change.
- 2.00  Mom let me keep.
115.00  I gave back to my parents.

Edited: Fixed my 50 cent error. :P

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