Rick (medlir) wrote,

And then...

So I was half-watching TV tonight while doing other stuff, first it was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back since that's what Dad had been watching downstairs when he went to bed. So I watched that. Then I looked over later, and Bandits was on. I'd seen it serveral tiems before so I still only paid half-attention. I caught the parts where the girl hits Billy Bob with her car, and her singing in front of the fire on the beach I think, and when they shoot each other at the end.

After a while though, I look over to find... softcore pr0n!!! This was somewhat of a surprise, but I'm not complaining. :D APparently it was Private Lies. :D And now, another one came on... no idea what it is though. Softcore is funny. :) And sad, especially when you get a flash of things from the right angle, and see that nothing is happening, or that the guy couldn't possibly be really performing in his current state. I'm entertained. :D

Addendum: Apparently, the second one was Desire and Deception. :P

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