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So Wednesday, I had nothing to do at the new house for a change, so I just sat around here all day basically. The construction guys poured concrete in the pole barns. Dad got home around 3PM and laid down. Then I woke him back up at 3:45PM and we got ready to go. Picked up his chainsaw at the repair place, and then into Lansing! Went out to dinner at Carrabba's. Met mom there, and also dad's Uncle Roy and Aunt Jo. I had a Caesar Salad, and the Chicken and Spinach Cannelloni which isn't on their web page menu for some reason. It was decent, though I had been told their portions were huge, and I was disappointed with how small they were in my opinion. That's what I get for listening to the older generation. ;) I could have eaten three orders easily! They're only like 3.5" by 6" and made an inch tall... that's like an appetizer... but expensive. ;) Then because I was still hungry, I had the Sogno di Cioccolata and it was delicious, so I ended up mostly filled up. I drove the truck back by myself, and Mom and Dad went in Mom's car. We all went to the new place to see what they had gotten done, and grab the post hole diggers because we needed them to move our mailbox here out of our driveway and onto the side of the road like everyone else because of a route change. :| The cement was already pretty solid. Cement dries quick. :D Then home again, home again.

Thursday, I went to the new place all day. Mowed/vacuumed leaves in the yard. Mowed the empty lot next to use too just to be nice and to make it look nice. Dug out the dirt around one of my side windows in the basement so I can put a window well there to keep the ivy back. Swept off the garage cement again. Used the power washer to wash the lawn mower, the truck, and started on the dock. Then Nicole, Mom, and Dad all showed up. We cemented the edge of the garage where the old door lip was so it was flat to built on, and I think that's all we did. When we got home, dad moved the mailbox as previously mentioned. I played trivia all night on the Ars Technica IRC server. Yay.

Today... Mom and Dad took off the day from work and we worked over there all day. Built the knee-wall on the old garage cement pad, and put the floor joists for the new bedroom floors all on. The knee wall boards and 2x6 studs are all wolmanized (treated lumber). Then Dad and I put wolmanized plywood around the entire outside of the knee-wall. Mom stuffed insulation on the inside between the studs. Construction guys poured the cement in the approaches to the new pole barns... looks really nice. I wrote our last name and the year in the wet cement. :) Grandpa was over too, he helped do all the floor joists. And gave me a Peanut Butter Cup to eat.

That reminds me... holiday? What holiday? It makes me sad that nothing happens on Halloween anymore. That peanut butter cup was the only candy I got today. There were no parties. There were no costumes. There was work on new home... and coming home to this house. That was it. So sad. :| I remember Tony bought fireworks he was going to set off tonight, but I didn't know when, and Nate said he was at the play-off football game, which I didn't know about either. So bleh. I did commemorate the day by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas though. That'll have to do I guess. Bleh again.

Tomorrow... tomorrow we put flooring down, and build and put new walls up. And depending on how that goes, maybe even roof trusses. Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave are planning on coming out I guess, and so are Dick and Patty, and who knows who else. Should get a lot done. It's amazing how fast some of this stuff goes since we've done it so many times. :D

Bleh, 1AM on a Halloween Friday night, and I'm going to bed. Bleh a third time.

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