Rick (medlir) wrote,


Dad took my 26" Dragon Sword over to Steve's and they spot-welded it back together. That was cool. The bean soup I started Sunday finally was ready to eat after cooking all day Monday... was good for Dinner last night. I didn't want it tonight too though so I made more hot dogs. Saturday I made hot dogs... I ate 4 chili dogs, bro had three, I took care of the last one, the chili and the onion I had minced. Sunday morning all three were gone because of sis. Tonight I do the same, I eat 4 chili dogs, bro ate 4 chili dogs, and there went another package of processed meat. :P

Weird dreams lately... I keep forgetting to write them down before they fade though. I'm saddened that I don't remember my dreams liek I used to. Maybe it's my diet? Current stress level? Who knows, I wish I did.

Cam will be pointed at bro tonight. We were looking at the pictures from me sleeping last night and he said he didn't roll over as much as I do, so I told him we'd point it at him and find out tonight which he agreed to of course. So there we go. All you hot 16 year olds girls be sure to tune in! If you tune in *RIGHT NOW* you can see him playing Chrono Trigger on his SNES with no shirt! :P hehehe

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