Rick (medlir) wrote,

House news...

Yesterday, Mom and Dad, and Dick and patty had most of the tongue and groove plywood down for the floor on the new addition. When I got there, we finished that up, and then spent most of the day building the exterior walls, which we got done, and raised. Cut off part of the eave on the othe rpart of the house where it was in the way. Eventually, the entire eave will come off... like tomorrow most likely if Dad and I put the new roof trusses up.

Today, it was drizzly and rainy, but we built and got the interior alls up between the two rooms, and the hallway and closets. It looks like rooms! :D Put the top plates on the walls. Some other small things. Then we relaxed in the house and had sandwiches and tomato soup. I went downstairs to my area, and kind of planned out how I could set things up. Then I played Golden Sun 2 on GBA for a bit, and came home. Was nice over there, when I left, I walked around first... so peaceful... nice after-rain smell and feel... quiet on the lake, etc. It's also really beautiful on the lake at night I think... you can see the mercury lights all around the lake reflecting on the water.

Did some stuff on Realms of Despair, closed some tabs in my browser, hence the links in the last post, and the Trillian cleanup, etc. Had Goulash for dinner with Grands corn biscuits... mmm, Grands. Then I had some couscous too. Almost out of Propel water! Watched Simpsons Treehouse of Horror downstairs with the family. And now, kind of doing random bits of things. Cleaning up file system, listening to music, playing trivia (irc.arstechnica.com/#trivia ;) ).


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