Rick (medlir) wrote,

A bit more...

Hopefully, next Saturday I'll be spending the entire day at U of M for Animania's annual Con Ja Nai X... mmm, 14 hours of anime on 4 screens... :D Of course, I doubt I'll sit there all day, maybe go visit people off and on during the day, food breaks, etc. :D

Also, more weird dreams. The one Friday night was weird in a painful (emotionally and physically) way, and I don't think I'll type it here... usually I don't have a problem typing weird dreams here, but this one is just different for some reason. After I woke up from it, I had lost all sense of balance, and I had very little control over my body. I stood up okay but then ended up staggering and stumbling when I tried to walk around. It was really weird. I also find it strange that I was going to type it, which was why I got onto this topic in the first place, but got the feeling I didn't want to after all. Maybe later. And now that I went into recall of that one, I blanked out the one from last night temporarily apparently... feh, will come back to all of this later.

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