Rick (medlir) wrote,

The talk of the living exhausted.

Time is flying damn fast lately.

Tomorrow is Con Ja Nai X at U of M... whoo! I guess I won't get there until after noon sometime as I'll work over at the new house a bit in the morning. Then I guess I'll go North Campus, and then to the MLB. Note to self... get money before leaving so you can buy food and refreshments! :P

Tuesday it got up to 76F here... after being cold all week, and Wednesday, it went back to cold. But while it was warm, mom took the day off, and Dad, Mom, and I plus Dick and Patty got all the plywood on the exterior walls of the addition at the new place as well as on the roof. I think Tuesday was also the day I resigned from my representative position on The Symposium on Realms. Because of all the work on the new house, I just don't have time for games right now. :|

Wednesday, as I said, it got cold again. I got up around 7:40AM, and Wes and I went to the 9AM showing of Matrix Revolutions... I thought it was better than Reloaded, but not as good as the first. But then again, I never expected any of them to be able to match the first anyway... it was just too new and fresh, and they can't duplicate it... like letting something out of Pandora's box... once it's out, you can't put it back in and let it out again and expect the same results. :D Went by mom's work to be a good son and say hello since I was in Lansing already, and then went down to the mall and Barnes & Noble to buy the latest 2600. After that, stopped by Wal-Mart in Charlotte and bought a new DVD player... Pioneer DV-260-s... progressive scan, reads DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Video CD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, Kodak Photo CD's, Fuji Photo CD's, MP3's, WMA's, and JPEG's... $78 or so... I'm pleased. My old Apex is slowly dieing, it has trouble spinning up and make scary ka-chunk noises sometimes. After that, went to the new house. Dad had already put cement in the post holes for the back porch, and him and Dick had started roofing the new addition. I helped do that until dark when we couldn't see what we were working on anymore and our pneumatic roof nailer decided to not shoot nails anymore. Had about 2/3 done I think.

Thursday, I went back over there, Dad didn't have the day off though. I finished shingling the one side of the roof, and a large part of the other side until I had to quit because I didn't know how Dad wanted to do the valley where it meets the old roof. He got there around 2-2:15PM, and brought a new Bostich pneumatic roof nailer which goes great with the Stanley/Bostich compressor and spike nailer. :D Hooray for pneumatic tools! It works much better than the old one too. SO we finished up the roof, sawed out the gap at the top, put the roof vent on, shingled it, etc. Was about 5PM when we finished. Mom came over to see the progress after she got home from work. The pole barns are almost done too... they had basically put most of the green sheet metal on the shorter barn by the end of the day, and the back wall of the big barn. Just need to finish the trim on both, install the big roll-up doors on both, and the sheeting on the big barn and they'll be done basically. Well, they need to smooth out the dirt/do a little landscaping too.

Today... today I did nothing really. I had the day off since dad was using our truck for work to go to Chicago, etc which left me with no vehicle... which didn't bother me at all. Keith graduated from Navy Basic Training to day and called me from the hotel room his parents and girlfriend had over there in Chicago. Wes came over and borrowed my Extended Edition Fellowship of the Ring, and my Final Fantasy Tactics for GBA... which was fine since I don't like FFT anyway. :D Cleaned up the house a bit, and cleaned more when mom came home. Watched Dragonball GT on Toonami at 6:30... hooray for Cartoon Network showing it, even if it is edited and dubbed. :| Ate dinner, and watched Star Trek:TNG with the family... it was the two part episode where Picard was turned into a Borg. :D Kind of odd Friday night. :D Looked up plane, train, and bus fares and such for bro to come home from Mississippi for x-mas. And downloaded a lot of random stuff in between all this.

More weird dreams lately. One involved me in a horrifically interesting car accident. The other I can't recall right now though I do remember it involved a large group of people... somewhere around 15. I don't often dream of large groups of people which made it really interesting. It'll probably come back to be later. The one I mentioned in my last post is still completely fresh though and hasn't faded at all.

Someone with artistic talent should draw an anime-like girl that's like 5'2" or so, with shoulder length dark brown hair, and brilliant metallic blue sunglasses on, ones that just sit on the nose and don't have anything going back to the ears. I don't know how else to describe the particular blue... just completely vibrant and awe-inspiring deep blue... reflective metallic. I should rough sketch some of this myself, and then convince someone else to make it look good. :D

And now... now I'm going to put in Ghostbusters, and probably watch the first 5-10 minutes of it until I fall asleep. Last night I "watched" Princess Mononoke, Gladiator, and Escaflowne... or at the least the first 5 minutes of each, before falling asleep. Then waking up when they were over, changing DVD's, and sleeping again for the duration of each film. :D

Sleep now, get up around 9AM... work on new house... go watch anime and hang out at U of M until midnight or so, come home, pass out... sounds like a plan.


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