Home again, home again. Had fun in A2 like usual. Ben burned Soylent Green to CD-R for me... whoo. Watched anime, got pizza at the Backroom pizzeria like usual, bought gummies at Wizzywig... mmmmmmm, Japanese gummies. I got Pineapple, Peach, and Apple this time. I think last time I got peach and kiwi. Anyway, I'm dead tired... I barely slept last night, worked this morning/afternoon, have driven and walked a ton, etc... I was actually worried I'd fall asleep at the wheel on the way home... and I've driven to Atlanta, GA on 2 hours of sleep before no problem... that's how tired I am right now. :| So time to pass out.

hi, i'm omega, i know sam. she said that if i asked really nicely that you would give me a code bc i REALLY REALLY want one. so, umm pretty please with colored sugar and whipped cream and that iceing that tastes like heaven and a cute girl on top? i will love you forever and a day. thanks? and sam says she loves you!

Not sure if you'll check this, but if she hasn't given it to you already, I gave it to Sam to IM to you.

dude, KIWI GUMMIES. why didn't you again partake in the heaven which is kiwi gummi love?

I'll get Kiwi again next time. :D