I stole these from various people on LJ, from IRC, and/or found on my own and thought they were worth propagating...

First up, I bring you the Compendium of Lost Words, possibly stolen from Rachel if I remember right. Diabetes is potentially reversible says this article. This is just a damn weird article from 1997. This is somewhat cool case. What was really cool was that when I was first shown it, it was $25... total... since they have free UPS ground shipping. And comes with a 500w power supply! Someone want to buy it for me? This poor guy was fired from MS for posting pictures of Apple G5's at MS basically. What an OVEN! This one is cool too. Peek at Microsoft "Wallop". And then an article from the BBC about why girls and games are a good mix. Something shown to be earlier today, "doctors find chopstick embedded between man's eyes". Started running Tiny Key Counter again, after being reminded about key counting by Jami last night. Originally I ran the now dead Project Dolphin, and then it's main successor, Project Orca, but since Project Orca basically ceased all development action soon after it started, I gave up on them and moved to Tiny Key Counter around the middle of this year. Just for reference, smLnk.com and snurl.com both make good URL shorteners. I used to use TinyURL but it's a larger name, and snurl has a ton of features the others don't. How about checking out some Public Domain Enhancement Act information. And there's also the Minimalist Web Project at textbased.com. Lamborghini Murcielago... ooo. Did you know that you can Dial An Orgasm? There's also a new badger badger badger, but I'm not impressed. In the kind of weird department... the Bow Tie Club. :| Twisted Motivations, progressive rock I'm told. How about the Gravity and Chaos Club at WWU? "dropping 4000 bouncy balls down the atrium of a 4 story building, does that count for anything? :)" How about an article on AT&T EDGE Wireless Service? Soulseek is a free file sharing app, never tried it, it just looked interesting. K++ is all I need. :| Info on DVD related things on the box network. The WinProNX XP Visual Style I use, formerly called "nxPro". How about checking out PowerLabs High Speed CD-Rom Experiments. Text Mode Demo Competition! Classic Unimogs for sale! Most of them have a giant 22-ton towing capacity. Check out this one. :D There's an image on the site somewhere showing a kid next to one... they're huge! I'll probably post this in a regular entry too, but cryo pointed out PenguiCon to me that takes place here in MI. Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, Hemos and CmdrTaco from /. and more will be there. And it's not expensive either... I want to go! And then there's the Internet Mapping Project. And also the Opte Project which is doing the same.

And that... that is all. Tomorrow I may be able to post an actual post.

Ooh... penguicon... might have to make plans to be there.

Yeah, it looks cool as hell, even if I don't use Linux *shiver*. :D

I showed the page to Jami during hte party and she seemed really interested in going as well. :D