Rick (medlir) wrote,

It's the last day of your life.

Didn't do much today. Got up around noon or so, sat around for a while, goofed off. Mom got home around 1:30PM I think. Grandpa stopped by to pay me for helping at his house with stuff. Left here around 2:15PM, deposited check from working last week, and check from grandpa, and then headed into Lansing. Gave Erica money to get a monitor for me as previously mentioned. Came back, stopped at Wal-Mart, bought Two Towers Extended Edition, more Diet Sprite, and bought some Folgers Whole Bean Hazelnut coffee, which I ground to espresso grind while I was there. Got back here, woke mom up, answered the phone. Made her coffee, and then she went out hunting. Then made myself a yummy latte. :D The guy that wants to buy Mom and Dad's motorcycle called. Dad got home, and had one of his employees with him to tell her what work she had to do tomorrow. Was just about dark by this point, so got out working ont he new place. Played Diablo 2 on the LAN with sis. We're to the palace in Act 2 now. Around 7:15PM, dad got up from his nap, and we went out to dinner. Got home from that at probably 9PM I think. Watched Star Trek:TNG on SpikeTV... mmm, Friday Trek Uncut. :D I partially watched it up here and partially downstairs with everyone else. Watched MASH episodes. And not much else.

Tomorrow... tomorrow I get to get up at like 7AM, and go work on the new place with dad while mom is out hunting. Whoo. And so, I think I'll go to bed now/watch TTT so I'm not dead tired tomorrow.


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