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So watched TTT all night basically, dozing off and on. Got up at 7AM. Worked at the new place all day. Dad I did the stairway railing and the cap board on all the normal railings. And ran the laminated beams from the posts to the house, so tomorrow we can put up the roof trusses on it. Went to the lumber yard once to get more wood, got back and realized we needed more still due to a miscount the first time. Sis got there sometime in the afternoon, so we sent her. I also gave her money and she got hazelnut and english toffee cappucinos which were yummy. Uncle Shawn and Aunt Pam showed up around dark to see what we had done before they went home after working on their new place. The amount we got done today sounds kind of sad to me really... it sounds like so little for 12 hours of work, but we didn't even eat lunch or anything. Probably because of all the levelling, cutting, aligning just right, etc.

Pictures and descriptions from today...

These didn't turn out as well as I wanted. My camera takes really dark
pictures, and blurry too, and it was already getting dark... so I'll just upload these two...

beam Image 01 - Shows beam.
stairs Image 02 - Stairs.

The beam image just shows the beam where the trusses will sit on top. And sis in there as well, along with one of the big picture windows in the living room, which is where the sliding glass door will be later. The seond one is the newly almost complete stairs. We had a few little things to finish on them, and possibly put caps on the front so you can't see the sideways layers of the post, vertical slats, and railing boards. But they're nice big solid stairs. Job well done.

When I got back home, Erica had messaged me to say the monitors were ready. So I talked to Derrick to find out if he'd be there since Erica was at work... and he was... so I ran into Lansing to get my new monitor... mmm, 21" HP/Sony monitor. I'm running it at 1600 x 1200 x 16bit @ 80 Hz... mmm. :D So much better than my old 15" I bought used in 1999. :D I am pleased. :D Got back from that, and got pizza that my family had had delivered while I was gone. Set up my monitor, watched half of Galaxy Quest since Mom and Dad were watching it, and half of The Hot Chick since it was on. Otherwise, have been goofing off and have been getting used to the monitor. :D

Yay for Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, and .hack//SIGN on Cartoon Network on Saturday night.

To bed with me now... after working 12 hours straight today, I'm beat. And more tomorrow.

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