Almost exactly 24 hours after my last post, I was messing with my access log for my website. It's kind of sad really, but 63 people who have me on their friends list had loaded my latest post in that time, and most of them having loaded it multiple times via their friends pages. 5 people had loaded the post via their friendsfriends pages, and it had been loaded from 8 community's friends pages. And yet, from those 76 sources, a whopping 9 people actually looked at what was behind the lj-cut. Only 6 of those were people on my friends list, one via friendsfriends, and 2 that seem to have browsed in to my main page and then left again after checking out my latest.

That's kind of sad. Thanks to you 6 who were interested enough to click. You may be the only ones actually reading this. ;)

Oh, Feh.

I read it.... I just had images off at the time, so didn't look at pictures.

So there.

As I said,that was just a stat analysis of the first 24 hours. You reloaded your friends page 9 times! ;) Although 2 of the times were within seconds of other times, so actually more like 7. :D

Most of the hits I get on my blog are from pr0n searches... dirty. blech. ;)

The most common search string to get to my site is "devil" :D

It's not really amatter of "making me feel better" as I don't feel bad. It just seems sad... makes me wonder why people bother having me on their list and on their default friends view if they don't read/look at what I post. :D I mean, I have a lot of friends on my list, but they aren't all in my Default View group, and I do look at everything posted my the people in my Default View. :D

Grenated, I noticed at least 6 people were using a filter on their friends list when they saw the post, a few using named filters, and others by id number of the filter. Interesting also. :D