Rick (medlir) wrote,

Much like suffocating.

Weird dreams last night. Didn't get up until 12:30 or so. Got up and around, burned a CD for Tony, and then went over to the new house.

Since they have the doors on the barns now, as I previously mentioned, I ran some stuff over there today. And then waited for the lumber yard to deliver our new siding and windows. While I waited, I took some pictures...

Image 01 - The new barns done finally.
Image 02 - The new back porch + temp scaffolding to work ont he roof.
Image 03 - Ditto.
Image 04 - Lake side of the house.
Image 05 - Ditto, from farther back.
Image 06 - The stairs, in the light though.
Image 07 - Ditto, from the other side.
Image 08 - General view of the area.
Image 09 - Ditto.
Image 10 - The lake.
Image 11 - The lake side of the house, taken from on top of the boathouse.
Image 12 - Some big place across the lake.
Image 13 - Our neighbors house, the last house on our side of the lake.
Image 14 - The barns and garage from down the hill towards the lake.
Image 15 - Just the driveway.
Image 16 - Our bird townhouse.
Image 17 - The addition, taken from across the driveway by the barns.
Image 18 - Another little birdhouse.

After that, unloaded the few things I had taken over to store in the barn. Then waited for the siding to show up. Dad got there, and started putting plywood ont he scaffolding so we have somewhere to walk and stand while working on the roof. Then he started making the eaves and such so we cna put plywood on the porch roof tomorrow. Tony came over to see what we had done, and I talked to him a bunch. Siding got there, and we unloaded it and the windows. Helped dad off and on, cleaned up my room and the "tool room" upstairs. Around 7PM, we came home finally. Watched ST:TNG downstairs, folded some laundry and ate dinner. And here I am.

Tomorrow... tearing shingles off the main roof, picking up some stuff they forgot to drop off today fromt he lumber yard, and possibly putting the plywood on the porch roof. So that we can shingle it this weekend or so. Whoo.

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