Rick (medlir) wrote,

And the walls came down...

Dad went to work at 1:30AM last night. :| I was awake until 5AM or so, and then got up at 9:30AM. Went over to the new house and met Uncle Richard there at 10AM or so. We took all the old shingles off the back roof, and put 12 sheets of plywood on the roof for when dad got there. That took until 1:50PM or so. Mom showed up around 1:30PM or so. Dad showed up around 2:30PM. Nicole showed up a bit after that. Nicole brought me English Toffee Cappucino to repay me for hers I bought the other day. Dad and I put the plywood on the roof of the porch on one entire side, and about 2/3 of the other side before it got too dark to work. Replaced some bad floodlights, found some of the sockets are bad and need to be replaced entirely. Picked up all the extra wood around the yard as we're just about done with wood now besides finishing the plywood on the roof. Rick VanFossen, the guy we contracted to do the barns, showed up with some of his workers, and they smoothed out all the extra dirt and sand, and our driveway gravel, etc and made things look nice. Tomorrow morning, dad is going to finish the plywood on the roof hopefully, and we'll put the tarpaper down. Then Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents at 1PM or so. Then back to the house to work more. Ideally, we'll shingle the roof Friday/Saturday/Sunday and have it done. Dad also wants to get the windows in the new addition tomorrow I think. So we came home about 7PM again, made chili for dinner, and pumpkin pies for tomorrow.

Bathing time! :|

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