Rick (medlir) wrote,

Aww, thank you!

How I love being woke up... 3.5 hours after going to bed... so I can run garbage to the dump... on a Saturday morning... by myself... because I'm "stronger" that my mom or sister... and my dad already went to the new house... which volunteers me automatically... and for some reason also means I get to do it by myself while my sister sleeps! Thank you for the priviledge of this task! Boy am I going to treasure this day when I'm older! And when I'm done... I *get* to load up the truck and/or trailer with boxes and stuff from the old cottages and run them to the new place and unload them! Not only that... I *get* to carry them upstairs first! Whoo boy... fun times are ahead! And if I hurry and get to the dump right away... I'll get there as soon as she opens and before everyone else gets there... and then I can start this second task even sooner! Whoo boy... what bliss! I should ask if I can do this every Saturday morning! It would complete my life if I could!!!


Okay, I'm done now.


Addendum: Oh wait, I lied. Did I forget to mention it's a balmy 34° F out with winds between 14 and 18mph? Well yeah, that too.

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